Zero Motors Operational Planning

Zero Motors Operational Planning for its New Plant in Australia

Recruiting, Inducting, Mentoring and Developing PersonnelAs noted in the operational plan, the Zero Motorcycles will acquire the majority of its employees from the Australian labor market. The key employees will include engineers, technocrats, and marketers. The company will recruit these employees and introduce them to the company operations. Provided that the company will be setting a new manufacturing plant in Australia, it will be important for the company to get some of its employees from the home country, the United States, to help in the induction process of the new employees. This will prepare new employees for the new roles ahead of them and facilitate effective integration of the new staff into the organization (Vu, 2017). Once the new employees have been inducted, they will be taken through the mentoring process by the old employees of the Zero Motorcycles in the home country. Besides, they will be taken through continuous training and development to keep them in line with current skills required in the motorcycle manufacturing industry.

Acquiring Physical Resources and Services

From the operational plan report, the Zero Motorcycles can acquire physical resources from suppliers in Australia such as Pirelli tires, Surteco Australia or Air Brake Corporation for its ABS System, J-Juan brakes or custom designed Showa suspension. The services required for the running of the company can be sourced from the company employees as well as industry consultants in Australia.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Protection of the intellectual property encompasses safeguarding the organization inventions, images, symbols and other literally and artistic work used in commerce. The Zero Motorcycle will come with new motorcycle designs, inventions, patents, trademarks and copyrights that must be protected from the competitors in the industry. To protect its intellectual property, the Zero Motors should register with the Intellectual Property Australia (Department of Industry Science, Innovation, and Science, 2016). Intellectual Property Australia is the Australian Government Agency that plays a role in administering intellectual property rights as well as legislation (Australian Trade and Investment Commission, 2017).

Monitoring and Documenting Performance

The performance of Zero Motors will be based on manufacturing, production, sales volume and mix, marketing strategies and customer satisfaction. The company will lay down strategies to monitor the performance in these areas. The steps to be followed in this section will include comparing and monitoring the actual performance against the planned performance. Secondly, documenting the difference between the actual performance and the planned performance. Finally, the company will identify the reasons for variances and come up with the strategies to correct the differences.Strategies to deal with Underperformance

Zero Motors can deal with underperformance on the key areas mentioned above by adopting the following strategies;

  • Asking the employees directly what went wrong.
  • Providing step-by-step direction to help the employees conform to the process that will contribute to planned performance.
  • Providing on job training.
  • Setting time frames for the completion of the assignments and then reviewing whether an employee has performed in line with the company performance plans.
  • Building a strong and firm team.
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