Written Paper: Gable Research

Written Paper: Gable Research

Written Paper: Gable Research: Week 2: 25points

Context: Read the research by Dr Shelly Gable.  Explain the 4 styles of responding.  Provide detailed explanations of how and why active constructive communication is vital.  Compare and contrast to the other 3 styles with examples.  How would you apply this in a relationship?  Write  3 pages with references.  Your paper must be written in APA style.

Delivery: Please deliver your paper to the drop box.

Evaluation Criteria: See Written Paper Grading Rubric for evaluation criteria.Gable links:




Read Chapter 4 and 5 in Intimate relationships by Miller, R.S.

Additional Readings

Gable research 1 (first link)

Listen to Gable interview (second link)

Gable article included (attachment)

Gable 2004 (attachment)

Knee article (attachment)

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