Writing a Motivation Letter Example

Writing a Motivation Letter Example

The aerospace industry is among the forefront fields in pushing for technological expansion. The innovations in the industry account for the exponential growth rates in the modern technology. The manufacture and designing of new aircraft has proven defiance in the limits of nature and beyond the human imagination. Aerospace engineering is undoubtedly the peak of engineering globally. The transformation nature of the program is the major reason that drew me into its pursuit. I would like to gain more knowledge and understanding to challenge the restraints of nature as well as the human imaginations. I have already completed my Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering in a recognized University.My passion for Aerospace Engineering is tied to becoming a proficient computational Engineer eligible to work in internationally recognized aeronautical engineering firms. Since your institution is famed for various aeronautical developments, it will be a perfect place for me to pursue my dream. After lengthy consultations with my family and friends, your University proved to be the best owing to the economic advantages offered to students. It also presents employment and academic benefit to the students in this specific expertise.

I have previously taken part in various science projects in school and were all successful. These projects helped me to develop both teamwork and leadership skills. Enrolling in your institution will be a perfect opportunity for me to connect with international students and enhance my knowledge and skills in the field. By this, my expertise will be acknowledged globally.

I am certain that your master’s program will be a remarkable start for my future career. I will be delighted if you consider admitting me for this program. I look forward for a positive feedback from your end. I promise to work diligently to achieve the best results once admitted.

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