Workplace Ethics and Values

Workplace Ethics and Values

As part of your preparation for the video consider the knowledge and understanding gained on integrity and values, to your own behavior (high school math teacher )
a) How can you demonstrate integrity in your workplace? Put this into practice.
b) How can you demonstrate that your work meets organizational quality standards? Put this into practice .
Demonstrating Integrity And Meeting Organization Quality Standards In Workplace
An evidence of demonstrating integrity and meeting the quality standards set by the organization is clear, detailed and specific, identifying a range of actual practices which demonstrate the standards stated

Workplace Ethics and Values Sample Paper

Teachers not only help learners to learn and understand the basics of academics, but they also train and impart important life values. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct expects teachers to show impartiality, ethical behavior, and integrity in classrooms as well as in their relationship with colleagues and parents. As role models, educators must abide by the Professional Code of Ethics, and this ensures that learners receive a fair and honest training that meets their learning needs. The code of Ethics and Professional conduct outline the main responsibilities of the teachers to the students, parents, and colleagues (Pring, 2019).

Demonstration of Integrity in my Workplace

Integrity in my workplace is demonstrated by making integrity to be the norm in all my classroom lessons, and I do this by first; articulating expectations about academic integrity. The employees of the school are expected to take all necessary actions that ensure a safe work environment. I model strong character qualities such as honesty, lawfulness, perseverance, fairness, patience, and responsibility into the students. Second, I reward students not only based on the grades but also for their determination, respect, hard work, and courage. I teach students what is required of them and what is right, as well as what is wrong. Through the ethos of the school, I socialize my mathematics students into patterns of moral behavior. The school requires its employees to show the highest professional behavior and act in a courteous manner or way when interacting with the students, colleagues, and parents in the school. Most importantly, I promote integrity, fairness, and honesty in all my teaching practices in the school and participate in all yearly performance reviews (Pring, 2019).  The school requires its employees to promote integrity and to participate in two performance appraisals per academic year.

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Demonstration of how my Work meets Organizational Quality Standards

My work meets the organizational quality standards because I use relevant curriculum materials and resources in teaching mathematic as well as I believe in the school’s core values of constantly improving education. I participate in curriculum training to make sure that I am updated on the technical improvements in the classrooms. And therefore, I ensure that my teaching methods are relevant as well as comprehensive. The workers of the school are expected to take all necessary actions that ensure a safe work environment. I ensure that all the resources, equipment, or funds entrusted to me are used economically and appropriately to support my teaching duties. The school requires resources, equipment, and other facilities to be used suitably and economically to meet the learning needs of the students. I perform my responsibilities or duties objectively, faithfully, with integrity and continuously working towards achieving the objectives or goals of the school I work for. I exercise professional judgment, show the highest professional behavioral standards, and act courteously when interacting with other colleagues. The school promotes integrity, fairness, and honesty in all its activities (Alkhyeli & Ewijk, 2018). In my classroom, I promote acceptance, safety, and security and always avoid any bullying, neglect, dishonesty, hostility, or offensive conduct. All employees are required by the school to behave in a manner that would not harm their interests. To ensure quality, I continuously participate in all the professional development opportunities organized by the school. The school promotes professional development through various sessions and modules given by the school; I endeavor to acquire as well as refine the new skills that help me improve my teaching practice.


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