Woolworths’ Customer Relationship Management

Woolworths’ Customer Relationship Management

Company Background 

Woolworths was established in 1924. It has been consistently growing since its inception. Woolworths has almost 38% of the total market share which is the highest among its competitors. The supermarket’s main business lies in retail store, which sells day to day items including foods, drinks, medicines, liquors, petroleum etc.  It has over 900 stores. The report generally studies the CRM activities of Woolworths and its general impact on various segments of consumers. The study is conducted by referencing websites and general interview with general people. The study was conducted to provide necessary recommendation to  Woolworths, particularly on on general CRM activities.

 Executive Summary

The following report will investigate the Australian retail/grocery supermarket Woolworths and its parent company Woolworths Limited. This report will explore the CRM activities of  Woolworths.

It will study the following :

  • Situation Analysis
  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Strategies

Woolworths has the largest market share with steady growth. The report shows that Woolworths is generally taken as a good place to buy for customers. It also shows that Woolworths is dedicated in creating value to its customers. The further recommendation for Woolworths is to focus on Customer Value Proposition especially with Cole’s growing rapidly and the similarity of the process in value creation. The growing  trend of online shopping should be considered with more efforts. The idea of providing freshness in food should still be capitalized and even has room for improvement.

Situation Analysis

The Woolworths retail stores it has in itself is the physical evidence of its presence. The various billboards and hoardings are also a means to show its presence in the market. They also distribute bags with its name and logo in the shop. Financial reports are published which are made public. All these cover the Woolworths marketing mix. Woolworths has been very successful in Australia it has consistently been top retailer for last decade. Despite continuous increase in sales of Coles and Aldi, the market share of Woolworths has not been affected it is due to its presence and wide range of products it has in its store. Woolworth is generally present in almost every suburb in urban areas. The market segmentation is properly done by demographic figures. 

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