Wooden Bakery-Should It Enter The U.S. Market

After meeting with Matthew, your team leader at The William Everett Group (Everett), you are requested to prepare a formal business report addressed to the Board of Directors (BOD) and the corporate officers (Edward & his sons) of Wooden Bakery (the company).  Your report should address the following discussion points and questions:

  1. Compare ways in which change impacts the organizational strategy and operations of the Wooden: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
  • Begin the report with a brief discussion of change in a business context as a constant requirement. Include an overview of how an organization, such as Wooden, implements change and how perception influences a view of change as being either negative or positive. Additionally, compare these types of organizational change:  structural and strategic and/or people and processes.
  • Review the substantial changes experienced by Wooden Bakery during the last 35 years. The initial change involved the conversion of manual (labour-intensive) baking capacity to automated production lines. In distribution, the company changed from a small traditional bakery to a multi-branch chain of bakery-convenience stores.  As a result of growth, franchised operations were developed along with a centralized state-of-the-art factory.

Compare these different organizational examples where there has been an impact of change on the company’s strategy and operations.  Assess the different drivers of change in each instance and the type of organizational change encountered at Wooden. Accordingly, draw conclusions and/or recommendations in planning effectively for the future change at Wooden with the entry into the US market and environment.

Review, compare and contrast the substantial changes experienced at two similar organizations:  Le Pain Quotidien and Boulangeries Paul SAS, specifically PAUL depuis 1889 with numerous locations in Prague.  Compare the impacts in which change has impacted the organizational strategies of each company as the small bakeries evolved to global organizations that include operations in the US market. Perform an on-site visit to a Prague retail location of Paul Bakery.  Evaluate your customer experience as compared to the customer objectives and qualities expressed by Wooden.

  1. Utilize and evaluate analysis models to assess different drivers of change and to include strategies for change at Wooden Bakery.
  • Matthew, your team leader at Everett, wants to structure both an historical and future analysis using the following analytical models: PEST, SWOT & Change Impact Analysis (Bohner & Arnold).  In 2009, Wooden began regional expansion in the Arabian Gulf region.  Firstly, prepare a PEST analysis so to assess the market, including competitors from both the standpoint of the past with the Arabian Gulf region and the future with the expansion to Chicago.  The PEST analysis should be prepared before the SWOT analysis so to better identify SWOT factors.  Secondly, prepare a SWOT analysis from both the historical Arabian Gulf region and future expansion plans to the US. Assess the internal and external drivers under each expansion plan as well as the organizational change they have or will create.  Evaluate the ways in which internal and external drivers of change affect leadership, team and individual behaviours at Wooden.  Select the most significant drivers in each context.  Finally, plan strategies for change using Change Impact Analysis (Bohner & Arnold).  Draw conclusions and recommendations with valid justifications in planning effectively for entry into this new market.
  • Team members suggest professional references for your use (resources included on the Moodle class site):

-Video:  Peter Shergold on Leadership:  Driving Strategic Change:  Emphasis on the key role of the BOD in the evaluation of change strategy at Wooden.

-Videos:  Erica Olsen:  How to Perform a SWOT Analysis & McDonalds SWOT Analysis. (Note the relevance of McDonalds to the structure at Wooden, i.e., to compare providers of food services at multi-locations in a price conscious international market.

-WORD formatted templates for both PEST and SWOT analysis should be used to complete the analysis

-Video:  Change Impact Analysis:  What needs to be modified at Wooden to accomplish a change?

  1. Evaluate the influences that drivers of change have on organizational behaviour.
  • Consider the psychological impact of change on the employees, managers and BOD at Wooden. Evaluate how the expansion to Chicago will impact both team dynamics and leadership strategies.  Evaluate specific measures that can be taken to minimize the negative impacts of change on this expansion decision at Wooden.  Evaluate the ways internal and external drivers of change affect leadership, team and individual behaviours within an organization: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
  • Apply theories and/or models to critically evaluate organizational response to change at Wooden.  Finally, draw conclusions, prepare recommendations and develop justifications selecting Chicago as the site for expansion. What will be the challenges of the new US market and how will Wooden handle these challenges?
  •  Team members suggest the following reference:
    –Video: Battling Resistance to Change in an Organization-Evaluate the four (4) stages of resistance to change that could be encountered as a result of the decision to expand Wooden to the US.
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