Wonder Movie Review and Analysis

Wonder Movie Review and Analysis

‘‘Wonder” is an incredibly interesting movie that traces the life of Auggie (August Pullman). This movie could be classified as an ideal example of magic realism. I did not find this movie outstanding because it is full of comic scenes.  My love for this movie is heightened by the possibilities created by the director, Stephen Chbosky. The whole world may stand against us but there is that single person that will always give us the courage to face it. Although the movie is overly emotional, he manages to strike a balance between imagination and the reality. This makes the movie not only firm but also believable. The movie emerges to be genuinely touching even though the director uses some of the most understated ways. A novel written under the same title could hardly outweigh the effect created by this movie to the reader. The movie is not boring as many people would assume. In many cases, movies do not stay true to the books as they exhibit some flaws which make them boring.Auggie, the main character in the movie is born with genetic abnormalities. The condition is so severe such that he has undergone numerous surgeries even at a tender age. Auggie does not easily achieve acceptance from the immediate community. He is an object of wonder and fear to the other people due to his facial deformities. At his birth, doctors were scared by his appearance and ran out of the delivery room. Auggie’s abnormalities have prevented him from attending a mainstream school from which he ends up being the unlikely hero. He becomes extraordinarily successful through the love of his friend Jack, his sister Via and his mother Isabel. At some point, he becomes disappointed with Jack after his remarks against him. Later he forgives him and the two renew their friendship.

“Wonder” does not settle on the school routine after the enrollment of the improbable hero. Its focus shifts to the life of the other characters. Through this, we get to know the experiences of Via with Nadji Jeter and also her long life best friend Miranda who had snubbed her at the beginning. The movie also shows the significance of Jack Will to Auggie’s life. His home life enriches the worth of his friendship with Auggie. His mother tells him that he should take care of Auggie.

Chbosky handles both the childhood and adolescent events with decorousness and grace. This cumulatively brings forth the effect of a great understanding of what it exactly feels like living amidst total rivals and some pretentious allies.  Anyone watching this movie has to unknowingly identify emotionally with the hero and fit in his shoes. This emotion consequently leads to the illumination in quiet ways. I bet even the boldest will shed a tear upon watching this movie especially if you’ve ever looked down upon an individual in the societies for the things that they could not control. The most genuine tear would, however, would be that of a parent which will definitely be earned totally.

Chbosky weaves a feel-good climax to reward the hero. This scene is full of praises and applause. The setting is undoubtedly the most packed which is a popular practice in all truth cinematic moments. Auggie receives the Henry Ward Beecher Medal for being an exceptional student in the midst of his foes.Chbosky makes the conclusion of “Wonder” very rewarding. This faultless ending makes the early screenings forgivable. The transformation within the movie is so powerful and perfectly works to create empathy. This is a machine for creating a restraint on how we judge others. The people destined for greatness are not those who are outwardly flawless but those who grow conscious of themselves and believe in possibilities.

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