Women’s Suffrage Movement-Susan and Paul

Women’s Suffrage Movement-Susan and Paul

The Women Suffrage movement can be traced back in 1848. This was an event following the first women’s rights movement which took place in Seneca Falls in New York. The supporters of Women Suffrage were determined to enlighten the public on the validity of women suffrage in fifty years to come. The key advocates of Women suffrage movement were Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul. The two played critical roles in the progressive of the movement. For example, they both pressurized the Congress to undertake Constitutional Amendment to empower women. Besides, they circulated petition to relevant authorities in the efforts of fighting for women rights. Alternatively, the assumed leadership positions while leading other women reformers in the settlement house movement and in the club movement to emphasize for the need to have reformed legislation (Crawford, 2003). It was from the effort of these two women whereby Women Suffrage Movement became a mass movement: A PREVIEWORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

From the above information, this paper finds that both Susan B. Anthony and Alice Paul played crucial roles in realizing the empowerment of the woman. However, from the analysis of Women Suffrage documentary, Alice Paul appears to be correct when compared to Susan B. Anthony. It is important to note that Alice Paul was the leader of national Woman’s party (NWP). NWP was militant like and hence was able to achieve its objectives faster. For instance, Alice Paul party applied radical approaches such as picketing the White House to prove to Congress and Wilson to pass Woman Suffrage Movement legislation. Alice Paul efforts did not go to waste as they led to 19th Amendment which was aimed at empowering women. This Amendment was ratified in 1920 marking a substantial achievement for women enfranchising in the progressive period (Crawford, 2003). NWP achievement turned out as the single largest of voting rights in the United States history. Therefore, this paper concludes that Alice Paul was correct because her contribution in the Women Suffrage Movement significantly contributed to women progress in America: END OF PREVIEWORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


Crawford, E. (2003). The Women’s Suffrage Movement: A Reference Guide 1866-1928. Routledge.

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