What is Important About WWI

What is Important About WWI

Discussion 2: What’s Important about WWI?

World War I essentially determined the trajectory of twentieth-century world history, and the conflict had an important impact on American history.  The historiography on WWI is immense, with historians (from all over the world) taking a number of different perspectives, contributing different arguments about the significance of the conflict, and examining a wide range of issues and topics. This essay asks students to identify and discuss at least one aspect about WWI that they believe historians should focus on.  What do you think is the most important story about WWI?  If you were writing a history about WWI, what would you write about?  What is the experience that students of WWI absolutely need to know about?  What is the story that needs to be told?  What is most significant about WWI history?  What is the “big take away”? Your answer can focus on the American, European, or global historical experience.

Your response to the question(s) needs to first identify in the introduction at least one part of WWI history that you find most interesting/significant—the big takeaway(s).  Then the remaining page should explain why.  The explanation needs incorporate historical evidence.  The discussion should not be a “general history.”

You will reference at least source from the module readings/videos to support your claims.  In-text parenthetical citations.

If the discussion does not reference at least 1 sources, the grade will be penalized.

The discussion will be 1-2 pages (approximately 300 words).

Standard margins.

12 point times new roman font.

Proofread the discussion.  If we can’t understand the writing, the grade will be penalized.

If the essay fails to meet the above requirements the grade will be penalized.

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