West Port Project Scheduling

West Port Project Scheduling

Assignment 1: Network Analysis and Scheduling

You have been tasked to act as the Project Manager for an engineering project based on based in West Port, South Island, New Zealand. The project is tailored to your particular area of engineering expertise – mechanical. The total budgeted value of $15m.  In addition to the NZ based elements of the project there is also an element of the technical delivery (eg steelwork, key subassemblies or software packages depending on your project) that is expected to be sourced overseas – in this case from the East Coast of the USA.

I am your (extremely demanding) client. When the project is 25% complete in terms of time I decide that I would like to include some additional features and functionality in the performance of the delivered project.  This necessitates substantial rework of the current system, its architecture and its delivery schedule.  Also as a result of unforeseen legal problems with environmental regulation, a further 4 week delay in delivery of the first unit has been imposed.  Unlucky.  The cost of these delays and additional works is budgeted for $500k.Order Now from Course ResearchersRequired:-

1. Create a logically linked network (precedence chart) for the construction of the project. The network should contain between 60 and 70 activities.Ensure that you include those staggered starts, delayed finishes and start to finish logical relationships that reflect the reality of the construction process. Use project planning software MS Project  for the network analysis and Excel for the Gantt chart if you wish. Students may be required to justify/defend the overall period of build.  You may wish to research potential best practice approaches both here and in the wider world.

2. Select an appropriate scale and produce a Gantt chart derived from the network constructed in 1 (above). The start datefor the project prior to the delay was to be 11/12/2023. Adopt NZ industry standard holidays (Xmas, Easter, ANZAC day etc)

3. Using estimates of the total cost for each of the work packages in your network, develop a resource chart showing the weekly spend as the project progresses.

4. The project is now 80% complete. Using the elements from 1-4 above, along with any other project control measures you are familiar with, develop a progress report for me as the client. Indicate the likely delays and finish date for the project. Develop your recommendation, based on critical and sub-critical activities and the likely availability of resources, on those activities you may wish to pay additional ‘crash costs’ in order to accelerate their completion.Order Now from Course ResearchersRemember this is a progress report for a client.  It is the sort of document that would have significant amounts of funding associated with it.  Present it as you would do for a real client – not as an academic piece per se.

5. Develop a team plan that incorporates individual development for the members and who you are going to allocate critical responsibilities to.

6. Develop a communications plan for the project identifying who are the critical players in the project. Ideally develop a meeting schedule for the project. Explain what are the likely communication and leadership issues are likely to be.

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