West Africa and India Comparison

West Africa and India Comparison

Topic of Paper:  West Africa and India Strengths and Weaknesses

Major Heading #1:  Location of West Africa and India and the Geographic Overview of Each.  Discuss the vast land masses of each country, explaining the mountain ranges, water sources, and climate as related to economic impact, crop production, and imports/exports enjoyed by each.  What products do both countries import and export.Major Heading #2:  History and Culture:  Interesting Differences. Describe the History and Culture of each country and include the religions, music and holidays observed.  Point out the difference of each and explain the reason why certain behaviors are practiced.  What ideas, beliefs, or behaviors are the most interesting to you and which would you like to witness or take part should you visit?

Major Heading #3:  Food From Afar.  What foods are considered indigenous to both countries, what are their dining practices, what are the “dos and don’ts” when dining in each country and what would you most like to try should you visit?  Do you know of any African or Indian restaurant that you would either like to try or would recommend as having fabulous food?  Tell us! Use .5 (1/2 inch) inch margins on top, bottom, and both sides.

Start each new paragraph sentence with an indentation.

Bold major headings and indent the headings 5 spaces from the left margin.  For subheadings, please Italicize the heading, indent 5 spaces additionally under the major headings.

At least 5 sources cited

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