Week One Individual Written Paper

Week One Individual Written Paper

After reading Part II of our textbook, particularly the “Diagnose the System” chapter, make sure to read the Merrill Lynch story on page 55 regarding their 401K incentive structure.  Afterwards answer the following questions about your current work organization, one you have previously worked in, or research publicly available organizations.1) What behaviors do your organization’s compensation and recognition systems encourage? Discourage?  How well do the encouraged behaviors support the organization’s goals?

2) What does your company’s organization chart say about which functions and roles are valued most?  Valued least?  Looking at who has direct access to whom, what might this imply about who is designed to work together and who is in isolation?

3) How are departments or teams organized in your enterprise?  Who reports to whom?  What does this suggest about who has input into decision making?

Be sure to include an introduction paragraph that also gives a high-level overview of your organization, as well as a conclusion that shares your specific insights from the assignment.  Your answers to the above should reflect textbook reading concepts to receive full credit.Your paper should be per APA guidelines. Remember to include a separate Cover page and separate Reference page. Ensure your paper has section headers.  Your individual paper content should be a minimum of 3 pages, not including your cover page and reference page.  All papers should have at least one reference (our textbook) and any other references you are leveraging.

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