Week 1 Quiz: The World Bank reports

Question 1

The World Bank reports that roughly ________ percent of the world’s population is poor.

A. 90

B. Correct Answer: 80

C. 75

D. 50

Question 2

U.S. companies monopolize much of the international entertainment media, which largely portrays U.S. products and lifestyles as glamorous and appealing. This situation would most likely be used as an example of ________.

Correct! cultural imperialism

cultures becoming more fragmented

the spread of high-context cultures

the stronger work ethic typical of developed countries

Question 3

Which of the following best defines international business?

It includes all business transactions in countries other than your home country.

Correct! It includes all business transactions involving two or more countries, whether the transactions are conducted by private or governmental organizations.

It includes all private economic flows between two or more countries.

It includes all public economic flows between two or more countries.

Question 4

According to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), ________.

MNEs cannot be part of the process of setting ethical employment practices since they are the problem in the first place

Correct! no harsh or inhumane treatment of workers should be allowed

employment need not be freely chosen in order to be acceptable

child labor cannot be used unless there are no suitable alternatives

Question 5

Which of the following has caused consumers to demand access to foreign-made products?

Expectations of rising prices of foreign products have caused consumers to seek foreign products before their prices become prohibitive.

Fearing that their governments will enact restrictive policies on imports, consumers are stocking up on foreign products before restrictions are put in place.

Correct! Consumers have become more efficient in using media and technologies to compare prices worldwide.

Declining global affluence has caused consumers to seek out lower-priced products from abroad.


Question 6

The broadening set of interdependent relationships among people from different parts of the world is known as ________.





Question 7

Ethnocentrism in international business refers to the ________.

study of ethnic segments within countries

belief that what works best at home should work best everywhere

comparison of the Protestant ethic with other religious views

study of group ethics

Question 8

Which of the following is a business objective for pursuing ethical behavior?

impose home-country behavior in the host country

avoid being perceived as socially irresponsible

reduce profit margins

replace home-country technology with host-country technology

Question 9

________ involves the sale and legal transfer of government-owned resources to private interests.



Antitrust legislation


Question 10

________ can occur when demand declines and supply grows.



Chronic inflation