Walmart Employment Ethical Issues

Walmart Employment Ethical Issues

Despite Walmart being the biggest as well as the private employer in the United States, the retail store is encumbered with the number of problems and issues raised by the employees (Consumer Affairs, 2016). Employees are the critical resources for the organizations which should be given priority among other resources. However, for Walmart employees are like any other resource such as a machine that should be used and disposed of when it is no longer of value to the organization.  This research paper seeks to investigate the employment ethical considerations facing the retail store as well implications of the ethical considerations. Ethical Considerations

The core ethical issues attributable to the Walmart are majorly focused on the employee relationship with the management. First, remuneration of the employees has been a long outstanding issue between the employees and the management (Pendola, 2016).  Walmart employees are poorly paid earning $17,874 annually. Second, the retail store does not take the issue of employee benefits into consideration. Employees are denied benefits such as retirement, disability and medical. Third, the employees are overworked despite being underpaid. Employees are forced to work during breaks, meal times and even at holidays without any compensation.Implication of the Ethical Considerations

Human resource is not like any other resource of the organization and thus if not taken care of it can jeopardize the operations of the business. About the Walmart case study, the violation of the employee rights has seen the company experience the following implications. First, the underpayment of employees has posed the company to continued high labor turnover and lawsuits which have heavily cost the retail store as well as damaging its reputation in the eyes of the general public. Second, failure to offer employee benefits has again posed the company to the lawsuits. Finally, the dissatisfaction among the employees has created poor customer service delivery.  In conclusion, Walmart is the greatest employer in the United States and to continue enjoying the competitive advantage it has in the market it has to put into consideration employee welfare improvement.

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