Visitor Behaviour and Management

Visitor Behaviour and Management

Assessment instructions You are contracted to provide an assessment and recommendation for a new attraction or event for the City of Sydney with the aim to increase visitors to the city during the winter months. Typically, visitor numbers are at their lowest during this time resulting in lower revenue for hotels, restaurants and city retailers and businesses.

Your task is to write a report that:

ü  Critically appraises the effectiveness of established theories and strategies in creating an appropriate solution to the problem of lower visitation during winter months.

ü  Proposes a new event or attraction that would be suitable for increasing visitor numbers over the winter months and is aligned with the strategies already in place for this destination. You will need to include details of the actual event or attraction such as proposed dates, venue/s and a rough outline of the schedule for events, or an overview of the attraction, what it would be what services it would offer and a proposed location.

    ü  Identifies the specific target market/s, who they are, how you selected them and why you think they would be interested in your event/attraction.

ü  Identifies what additional infrastructure, services and expert knowledge would be required to support this new event/attraction and where this will come from (e.g. specific government agencies).

ü  Specifies how you would measure the success of your event/attraction in achieving the objective of increasing visitor numbers over winter.

The report must be well researched (based on relevant and reliable sources), and incorporate theories, management principles and the published strategies of tourism agencies that promote tourism and visitation to Sydney. It should be written in an academic style, approx. 3000 words in length (not including executive summary, reference list or any appendices).

Be particularly careful to avoid plagiarism that is, passing other people’s work off as your own (academic theft). Penalties for plagiarism are heavy and may include failure in the course.

The main criteria for success:

1.Insight – The report should demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the destination/attraction experiential services and qualities, and tourist/visitor motivation theory

2. Substantiation – The report should be underpinned by course material and additional readings around the topic.

3.Clarity and structure – The report should be well structured and clearly presented

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