Veganism: Plant Base Industry Australia

Veganism: Plant Base Industry Australia

Project Outline, Topic and Data Presentation
Assessment Type
Practical and Written Assessment
Assessment topic: Veganism: Is Plant base industry a big industry in Australian markets?

Task Description
Students are to provide an outline of a research project that they intend to use as the basis for their final assessment task (assessment 3). The full project proposal should not exceed 700 words excluding the cover page, table of contents and references.Students need to present the following:
Title and the study area – no more than 25 words.
Problem statement – students must present what they would like to investigate and why? Here, you need to
critically evaluate and analyse the literature to support your problem statement.
Research aim, objectives and scope of the study- students to identify the potential research aim and objectives that can address the problem that they have identified followed by scope and limitation of the study. Methodology, sources of secondary data and data analysis- students must provide a rationale for the type of methodology selected to address the research problem (quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods); and students must clearly identify the data sources and data that is required to conduct the research. Students must also discuss the methods and tools that will be used to analyse the collected data. If a student like to use primary data along using the secondary data, then the student needs to justify of using both type of data.
References – We expect you to read and reflect on at least ten recent refereed journal articles closely related to your proposed research topic supported by any other evidence or information that can help identify the problem of your research and the methods of data collection and analysis.
This is an individual research task. As a Masters student, you are required to engage in research and demonstrate your understanding of the relevant body of work including recent developments in a discipline and/or area of professional practice. You are also required to demonstrate knowledge of research methods applicable to real-life business research..

Assessment Criteria
All of the assessment criteria outlined below are equally weighted for this assessment piece.
Criteria Grade:
1. A brief statement of the problem,
2. Research aim, objectives and scope of the study
3. A brief methodology, sources of secondary data, data presentation and analysis methods;
4. Accurate referencing, use of correct English and logical sequencing; and
5. Topic and Data Presentation.Key to grading:
HD (84.5% to 100%) – The student demonstrates an outstanding understanding and interpretation of all aspects of the criteria.
D (74.5% to 84.4%) – The student demonstrates an excellent understanding and interpretation of almost all aspects of the criteria with some minor corrections or additions needed.
C (64.5% to 74.4%) – The student demonstrates a very good understanding and interpretation of most aspects of the criteria with some need for additional work and/or improvement.
P (50% to 64.4%) – The student demonstrates a good understanding and interpretation of the criteria to warrant them to PASS
F (below 50%) – The student demonstrates an unsatisfactory understanding and interpretation of the criteria and requires major additional work and/or improvement
Referencing Style: American Psychological Association 7th Edition (APA 7th edition)

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