Two Part Time Jobs: Compare and Contrast Essay

Two Part Time Jobs: Compare and Contrast Essay

We are living in hard economic times, and one has always to make an extra effort to ensure that they are leading a decent life. Even though one may not necessarily live the life that they want, there is a standard that they ought to meet to be comfortable. Students, in most cases, pas through tough financial moments that prompt them to find a job to do while still schooling. The working class, in most cases, do not earn enough to satisfy all their needs. To be able to survive the tough financial times, people have in the modern days resolved into doing part-time jobs, which are deemed less demanding than regular jobs. Offering delivery services and working as a social media manager are popular part-time jobs that have proved to be viable in the present circumstances. Both offering delivery services and working as a social media manager are part-time jobs that require no special skills or any finances to start; however, social media management allows one to work at home, unlike offering deliveries that requires constant movement.Ideally, most part-time jobs require only basic knowledge and do not demand any specialized training. Offering deliveries and managing social media platforms have, in the past few years, gained popularity and have proved to be lucrative for people who need less-demanding side-hustle. Apparently, any person can deliver items or manage a social media platform. All that is required is excellent communication skills, proficiency in the language to be used, creativity and outstanding interpersonal skills. Most adults can meet all these requirements especially if they have pursued high-school education. In most cases, there are no special skills demanded in the two jobs. As long one can perform the jobs diligently, he or she qualifies. Critically, some of the best-performing people in the jobs are either high school students or high school students. The high school students, being in need of more money since they have no other source of income always work hard to get the best earnings possible. The two jobs offer an opportunity for the less fortunate in life to earn a living since they do not demand high academic achievements.

Both delivery services and social media management are opportunities made possible by modern technology. Most deliveries are necessitated by online ordering, which is a modern trend in the marketing and retail industry. The delivery services are most helpful for busy people who cannot make it to the stores to get the products that they want. Social media management is mostly done for corporates and working individuals who do not have time to check their social media platforms constantly. The corporates that use social media management services mainly utilize them for marketing, passing information and interacting with their clients. Celebrities are among the individuals who mostly use social media management services. Clearly, celebrities have many followers who need to need to hear from them constantly. To maintain the fan base, celebrities have to interact with their followers on their social media platforms. The two jobs are technology-based and, therefore ideal for the modern youth who find technology fascinating.

While a social media manager can work from home, a deliverer has to travel widely to offer the services. All that a social media manager requires is either a powerful phone or computer. Having any of the two gadgets allows one to one to work from anywhere as long as there is network connectivity. Ideally, one can manage social media accounts even while at work. In just a few minutes, one can make several social media posts and respond to several messages and comments. The part-time is very convenient for people who are always on social media. Offering deliveries, on the other hand, requires one to identify specific times in the day when he or she shall be free to make deliveries. It could either be early in the morning before school or work, during lunch breaks or over the weekends. This implies that one has to plan appropriately so as not to jeopardize any of the activities that he or she is supposed to be involved in. Considering this parameter, social media management could be a better option for busy people wanting to get an extra coin.While the two part-time jobs do not have a particular earning margin, offering deliveries appears to be more lucrative than social media management. The social media managers have a fixed salary paid after an agreed period of time. This amount is always constant and not subject to change unless if the two enter an agreement for a pay rise. The pay for deliverers is also constant and paid at a particular agreed time. However, they might end up getting more money than the actual payment. Some clients tend to offer some tips for deliverers after having their items delivered in good condition. On good days, a deliverer may get a good amount of money from clients for deliveries. This combined with the agreed salary, amounts to a good sum of money. Considering the finances, many people are likely to prefer deliveries to social media management.

Critically, both offering deliveries and social media management services are feasible opportunities in the modern world. The two afford an individual to get some extra cash while still working on his or her regular responsibilities. While offering deliveries beats social media management in terms of finances, it can be exhaustive and very demanding. Social media management affords an individual unparalleled convenience. For the lovers of social media, it is just similar to managing one’s social media account. All that one is required to do is to use creativity and make a platform as interesting and as likable as possible. While it is not much possible to rule out which part-time job is better than the other, social media management is a better option. However, the best option could be what a person likes doing most. Apparently, people have varied interests, and the best part-time job to get involved in is the one related to personal interest. The ideal part-time job ought to be the one requiring the least effort from an individual.

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