Treasury Risk Management Assignment

The report should be concise (A4 1.5 spaced page long, Times New Roman size 12) and follow
the format of a professional report. The appendices may contain more detailed analysis, including
reasons behind the analysis in the main report, and should include any calculation used in the
Students are organized into groups (no more than three students) and will write a treasury
risk management research report covering one Australian bank.
The report involves:
1. Identifying the task of treasurer in the respective organization in the context of 2017 global
corporate treasury survey.
2. Highlight two most treasury risk management issues in the respective organization that is
based on the nature of the firm, the size of responsibility and amount involved in the
respective area.
3. The report should detail in the discussion of the potential risk in the management of the
respective treasury risk issues, current practices of managing such risk, and the outcome of
such techniques.
4. The bank’ performance and prospects, and valuation and recommendation of their common
stocks using the relative valuation model.
– Name of bank
– Reason(s) for your bank selection
The salient features of the report are as follows:
1. Cover Page:
The cover page contains all the key information in the report:
– Name of students in your group
– Name of the bank
– Area of major focus.
– Submission date
2. Introduction:
It can be thought as the executive summary, which is supported by the remaining report and
the appendices. It should be 3-4 paragraphs that highlight what the assignment about is, what
has been done, what has been found, and what are the recommendations
3. Business Description
Brief description of the bank, core businesses (key products / services, % contribution to
Description of business model, e.g. how the bank makes profit, where are the main sources
of revenues and costs, what are the main distribution of investments and financing.
4. Industry Overview and Competitive Positioning
Overview of the market, market shares of key players and your bank, recent trends in the past
5 years. Analysis of industry competitiveness using Porter’s Five Forces.
5. Basic Treasury functions of the Organisation (in order of importance)
List and explain the basic treasury management issues and their historical trend over five years.
Refer to the 2017 global corporate treasury survey to identify the major treasury management
issues in the respective firm.
a. Identify two major area of treasury management
b. Identify the current practices of managing the two treasury management areas over last five
years (use table, graphs, trendline, relevant analysis where applicable)
c. Identify the chain of responsibility of interims of who is responsible for those functions.
d. Identify the potential sources of risk in the management of those two functions.
e. Identify the current practices of managing the risk (governance of the risk) in those two areas.
f. Suggest any improvement with details supporting calculations.
Use separate section for two separate treasury management related issues.
Provide maximum one-page conclusion in a way that highlights the overall findings and presents
key recommendations.
7. References and appendix:
Use the appropriate referencing for citations in the body of the assignment. Present major
calculations in the appendix.

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