The Pact-Uniting and Success Factors

The Pact-Uniting and Success Factors

          The Pact is a real reflection of the three young men, George, Sam, and Rameck, who beat all odds to become successful doctors. In the novel, there are uniting factors that contribute to the success of the three young men. The trio faced severe life pitfalls and temptations including being jailed while growing up in the street of Newark (Davis, Jenkins and Hunt). The continuous suffering challenged young men to find answers to the ever reoccurring problems, hence ended up making a Pact as a foundation for finding solutions to their problems. In the Pact, they vowed to one another that they would all become doctors and thus they will stay united in the pursuance of their dream. In the pursuance of George, Sam and Rameck goals, friendship, unity, hope, and encouragement and Pact dream are significant success factors, which confined the trio in the road of prosperity and at the same time kept them out of troubles. THIS IS A PREVIEW ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

The making of the Pact by the three men marks an important step in achieving their life dreams. However, the journey would not be as easy as they anticipated. After receiving a college scholarship, they still face obstacles including failure, mediocrity, and racism. The challenges in the Seton College pushed the three men to the point of suggesting drop out. However, they are encouraged by Carla Dickson, the school guidance counselor. As a result, promise each other to deal with the obstacles before them. Among the three characters, George is the most focused and outgoing one. He believed in the Pact despite facing severe challenges. George constantly explained to his friends on the benefits and importance of graduating from college.

George, despite suffering from social problems like not having a father figure and his mother working hard to raise them up, he stayed firm and hoped that one day he will achieve his career goal dream. Like any other individual in struggling and poor neighborhood without a father’s figure, George was assumed as the man of the house at a very tender age after his parents divorced. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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