The History of Film Production

The History of Film Production

The film history finds its roots in the 1890s. This was the period cameras invention and establishment of the film companies. Since then there have been significant developments in the film industry. Advanced technology have facilitated the production of the high quality films. Today, there is production of films that suits the interests of the target audience effectively. However, before the realization of this milestone step there have several stages that film production has gone. This paper addresses some of this historical changes in following entries. PLAGIARIZED SAMPLE-ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Robert Bresson has been one of the key icons behind the film production. Apart from his significant contribution (Reader & Keith, 2010). Bresson is appreciated by many for bring crucial changes in the film industry. In his film career, Bresson has directed and made several films from the period ranging from 1934 to 1999.

The work of Bresson’s films were designed based on the unique plot and content that fascinates majority of the film artists and viewers even in the current generation.  Bresson’s cinematic style that emphasized being visionary in addition to the content provided in the movie. This means that Bresson wanted to show the viewers less and let them suggest more by themselves.

Bresson incorporated the viewers in his film work by giving them a chance to infer, think and discover things for themselves (Marzola, 2016). This made the Bresson’s film viewers to be active participants other than being passive recipient of the film content. Bresson’s cinematic style gives the viewers an opportunity to mediate what could have occurred or what is going to occur in the future.

Apart from Bresson outstanding style of capturing the images, his directional language correlates with all the aspects of the film. Bresson’s use of language can be traced in the characters, images and sounds used in the film. Bresson’s directional language was well observed by David Thomson who noted that Bresson’s films serves a purpose that other directors are yet to discover. Thomson goes further to note that Bresson is a director to be emulated by the other directors (Thompson & Bordwell, 2008).

On the review of Bresson‚Äôs L‚ÄôArgent film Richard Corliss acknowledges that, ‚Äúexploring the Bresson‚Äôs film is like exploring on top of Mount Everest. The flow of the film is quite clear and no element of the film goes without being understood. The adventure viewer of advised to come prepared to experience the new world of the film making (Cunneen & Joseph, 2006).‚ÄĚ Corliss argument elaborates how Bresson artistic style has transformed the film industry to the point where today‚Äôs film makers cannot reach. PLAGIARIZED SAMPLE-ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Many film cineastes, directors and critics have argued that Bresson is one of the greatest directors in the world film. However, there are a few dissenters such as Dan Harper and John Simon who points loopholes in the Bresson’s film work. They argued that the Bresson cinematic led to borne of the films that repetitive and boring. Despite the criticisms Bresson was a modernist and therefore his contribution in the film industry still remains remarkable.

Bresson’s remarkable contributions can be traced on his notes on cinematography whereby he noted that cinematography is an advanced function of the cinema. Bresson never meant cinematography entailed a process of producing film. Instead, he insinuated that film making should involve hiding the ideas so that the viewers can find them.


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