The Five Stages of Economic Growth

The Five Stages of Economic Growth

Answer ONE of the following three questions in four sentences or less.

– How does capitalist development after 1973 (the neoliberal era) differ from capitalist development prior to 1973 according to David Harvey? Your answer should be comprised of four sentences. In the first sentence, describe the process(es) upon which capitalist development was premised prior to 1973, or in other words, how capitalists realized profit in the postwar era. (Hint: Think back to “The Five Stages of Economic Growth”). In the second sentence, give an example of capitalist development in the postwar era.  In the third sentence, describe how capitalists realize profit in the post-1973 period. In the fourth sentence, give an example by citing one of the processes Harvey describes as “accumulation by dispossession”.)

According to Harvey, what is neoliberalism and why does it entail accumulation by dispossession? (Note, in your response make sure you define both neoliberalism and accumulation by dispossession).

-How does the “race to the bottom” described by Chan illustrate Harvey’s concept of accumulation by dispossession? (In your response, make sure you define accumulation by dispossession).

-How do Silver and Zhang complicate Harvey’s interpretation of resistance to accumulation by dispossession?

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