Texas Exceptionalism and Stereotype

Texas Exceptionalism and Stereotype

Inarguably, Texas is one of the unique and exceptional states in America. The exceptionalism of Texas is attributable to its outside perception, which is deeply rooted among the non-Texans. Even though stereotypes are believed to be oversimplified; the Texas fixation is exceptional in its own way. As early as from snow days to era of succession, Texas reputation has always been built on stereotypes. It is debatable whether the outsiders’ perceptions about Texas are true, but many of the state’s recent activities are related to some of the fixes associated with its people.The outsiders believe that Texans wear cowboy boots, hat and ride horses everywhere. To a great extent, the non-Texans perceptions may seem to be true. Today, Texas manufactures quality boots, a culture that finds its origin in the cowboy practices. Besides, it is very common to see people wearing boots in bars and casual business meetings (Karney, 2017). However, the Texans do not wear boots every day as perceived by the outsiders, but mainly during special occasions. The non-Texans have confused the primary purpose of boots for daily attire. Texans wear boots to ride horses and protect themselves from snake bites; that it is why it is prevalent to find cowboy boots and horse riding activities in small towns, especially in farming and ranching areas than in the major cities.

The culture of wearing boots, hats and everyday horse riding is becoming rare. The practice is mainly found in the small towns, particularly the ones with farms and ranches.  The cowboy culture associated with the Texan people is a misconception by non-Texans. Virtually, it is rare to find Texans walking around in cowboy boots and hats. It is not a necessary dressing code, but rather a functional one (Herman, 2016). References

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