Synthetic Model of Brand Equity

The purpose of this assessment is to assess the following Learning Outcomes:
a. Understand and apply the fundamental principles involved in the innovative development and management of brands; ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
b. Review the branding, innovation and development elements and evaluate brand decisions that contribute to creating a competitive advantage for an organisation;
c. Analyse the segments being targeted by an organisation, the brand positioning and value proposition offered to each segment, making recommendations for change to increase impact.
d. Develop collaboration and teamwork skills.

1.0 Assessment Overview
Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to understand the stages in the Synthetic Model of Brand Equity. Students will be required to apply the parts of the model to a Functional Brand and a Symbolic Brand.
This is a group task in which you will be working in a team to write the report. Students will be required to support their application of the Synthetic Model of Brand Equity through documented research and evidence that supports their findings. Gather the information and data required using journal articles, business magazines, business reports and the Internet. Use IBISWorld that is available online through MIT library to access market research reports, industry research reports and company research reports to gather business information such as customer data and company data in order to write the report. Use
APA reference style to present the references. The report must consists of minimum 15 academic
resources including peer reviewed journal articles.

3.0 Assessment Guidelines
Use the below format to write your report. Use your textbook, lecture materials, tutorial activities and
literature from journal articles to support your answers.

 MIT Assessment Cover Sheet
 Group Report Cover sheet
 Table of Contents
 Executive Summary (~200 words)
 Introduction (~200 words)
 Main body with chapters on Brand Image, Brand Equity, Functional and Symbolic Brand,
Brand Awareness, Brand Elasticity and Brand Loyalty (~2900 words)
 Conclusion (~200 words)
 References
 Appendix
Please note: the MIT Assessment Cover Sheet, the report cover sheet, the table of contents, the reference list and any appendices do not count towards the word limit of 3500 words ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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