SWTP632 Assessment: Policy Proposal

SWTP632 Assessment: Policy Proposal

For this assessment task, you are to prepare a written policy submission in response to an identified gap or issue. You can choose a policy issue that you analysed in either Assessment 1 or 2, or you can choose a different issue, although be sure not to plagiarise your own work from an earlier assessment.See the AASW Submissions and Advocacy page for several examples of policy submissions:

The following links are also useful to refer to in preparing your policy submission:
https://www.pc.gov.au/inquiries https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Current_Inquiries#tabSenate_Committees

In your submission, you should:
#Outline the social policy issue your submission addresses;
#Provide background on the current situation, including a summary of the problem/s, stakeholder groups, the policy process to date, unmet needs and underlying values and ethical issues. Include commentary on why these are issues of concern for social work;
#In response to the issues outlined, provide details of your policy proposal and how it would be implemented;
#Outline the expected outcomes from your proposed policy change and how these would be evaluated;
#Provide a summary list of recommendations supported by the body of your submission, i.e. what you want
to relevant Minister or Departmental Officers to approve or do.

The policy proposal submission is expected to propose a policy response, provide evidence for the proposal, propose how the policy could be implemented, the positive outcomes anticipated, any barriers or constraints that might be relevant, what resources would be required for implementation, how the policy fits with other government programs, any staffing implications, reporting processes, proposed policy evaluation process and expected benefits.

Note: the policy proposal submission is NOT to be presented in the form of an essay. The writing and referencing style will need to be suited to a real submission, so sub-headings must be used. You will need to accurately reference using APA referencing.Weighting: 40%
Length and/or format:2000 words (+/-10%), references not included. Please ensure you use 12-point font, 1.5 line spacing and include an assignment cover sheet.
Purpose: This task prepares students for written policy advocacy and development work through clearly articulating an informed position on a selected policy issue, reflecting principles of social justice.

SWTP632 Assessment 3: Policy Proposal Template

(Partly drawn from AASW (n.d.) ‘How to develop a policy submission’ document)

Submission Title

  • Introduction
    • A brief statement identifying the issue your proposal addresses, and its relevance to social work
    • A brief summary of who you are, including your background, experience and how you are positioned to make an informed contribution to this issue
  • Summary of recommendations
    • A succinct list of dot points, summarising the main arguments of your submission AND the key recommendations as supported by the body of your submission (i.e. what you want the relevant Minister or Departmental Officers to approve or do)
    • The reader should be able to fully understand your argument from reading this section alone, and should also feel intrigued enough to continue reading
    • Try to use no more than four (4) dot points
  • Policy background / current situation
    • Summary of the current policy area/situation and potential problems
    • Key stakeholders (think about key social and organisational contexts, e.g. disability service consumers, carers, other family/children, advocates, social workers and other professional care workers, disability support organisations including managers and Boards, government stakeholders including administrators of the Disability Support Pension and policy makers, relevant State and Federal government MPs / Senators, just to name some)
    • Information about gaps/unmet needs/impact on vulnerable populations
    • Underlying values and ethical issues, including why these issues are of concern for social work and social justice
    • Be sure to reference relevant social work research, policy papers, existing programs and submissions to ensure your arguments are well supported by evidence
  • Policy proposal
    • Details of your proposal and how it would be implemented and put into action
    • Details of the expected outcomes from your proposed policy change, and how these would be evaluated
  • Conclusion
    • A brief concluding statement that leaves the reader with a clear idea of what your submission is about
  • Reference List
    • Provide a reference list in APA format that contains only the sources you used in your submission, in alphabetical order by organisation / author surname
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