Superannuation and Retirement Advice Statement

Statement of Superannuation and Retirement Advice-Sample

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Employees are aware of the fact that future is uncertain and thus they always put into consideration their future lifestyles. They are usually worried how their future will be when they are no working and do not have an alternative source of income. This leaves them with no other choice other than to look for investment alternatives that will guarantee them future income at the old age. This calls for individuals at the young age to come up with the retirement planning investment. This paper seeks to provide advice to Mr. Graham and his wife on how he can manage to have a future enjoyable lifestyle by undertaking a retirement investment plan.

Statement of advice

Prepared for Graham and Anna Sutton

By Adam Craig

Authorized representative (No 222222) of

All Out Financial Planning

ABC Financial Solutions Pty Ltd

What this document is about

Graham and Anna, you did ask for my advice concerning your retirement targets, how achievable they are, and implementable strategies to ensure that the target is achieved. You also seek to know the working of your superannuation funds which offers retirement incomes in the form of account based pensions and their viability among other important financial aspects. Throughout the document I am going to provide the financial planning you should take to ensure that by the time you are retiring you will enough funds to cater for your personal welfare. The statement discussed below known as the Statement of Advice (SOA) has a full explanation of my advice.

Summary of my advice

Why my advice is appropriate

In the world of investment the investors are faced with a major challenge of future uncertainty (Agnew at el, 2005, p. 66). similarly, the business field is a major victim of the unpredictable predicaments. To overcome both predictable and unpredictable risks, businesses settle for the insurance cover (Agnew, 2002, p. 22). Likewise, having an appropriate insurance in place ensures that you and your family are fully covered in serious situations like either of you falling sick or dying of getting fatal injuries (Aguiar and Erik, 2003, p. 39). The above recommended investments suitably fits your retirement plans as you are also investors ready to make risks to given amounts. You also still have the option to withdraw your money from the investments whenever the need arises.

Risks in my advice

Al the managed funds which include the ones I have recommended to you come along with risks. These are investments which are far much different from having money in the bank (Brown, at el. 2007, p. 45). They have associated fluctuating risks by which their values might rise or fall uncontrollably depending on the market forces. Alternatively, investment risk may a major concern for your investment (Brigitte at el., 2007, p. 250). Money markets operate in the ever changing environment and hence and hazardous impact on the nation economic and growth and development of the nation may have a critical effect of the fluctuating interest rates (Choi at el., 2001, p. 23): End of PreviewORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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