SU2020WS Introduction to Women Studies

SU2020WS Introduction to Women Studies

Weekly Discussion Posts
Students will post one initial post following the directions of the prompt (length and specifics will vary from module-to-module) and post at least 2 responses to either other people in your group or to a response to your initial post. This is a total of 3 posts per week. Your initial post will be due on Thursday at midnight and your final responses will be due on Sunday at midnight for the week of that module.
Initial posts should be 2-3 full paragraphs and site at least 2 of the readings/videos/lectures. Response posts should be 1-2 full paragraphs and remain ground in the literature, but direct citations are not necessary unless needed according to APA standards. All citation will be in APA format.Discussion 2 Prompt:
After reading the articles and watching both lectures answer the following:
1) How does the Cycle of Socialization connect to/contribute to the Cycle of Oppression? In what ways? Should people resist these cycles or go with the status quo?

2) What are some ways in which we might challenge them? Use examples from your personal experience as well as the readings/lectures. While we will primarily be discussing gender, you may discuss any social identity category from those listed for this assignment.

3) Develop a question for your cohort group to answer. This should be related to the topic for the week. You can ask about a current event, something related to your post, or something from the readings/videos. This will make it easier for people to engage with your post and hopefully encourage conversations. (This should be short. 1-2 sentences at the end of your post.)
*** After you read both articles, please watch 2 video on YouTube “Cycle of Oppression” & “The Cycle Of Socialization” by: Maigen Sullivan

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