Strategic Planning-Mission Vision and Goals

Strategic Planning-Mission Vision and Goals

Strategic planning is a vital concept to an organization. According to Drucker(1954), its viewed as an evaluated process geared towards making informed decisions. In performing a better strategic planning, various elements such as environmental analysis, mission, vision, goals and clear strategies must be aligned to. These elements closely correlate and work together to ensure successful planning. This is a Student SampleĀ ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Relationship and Importance

Environmental analysis is a process that tries to monitor the surrounding elements that may affect a projects performance (Steiner, 1979). This is vital as it enables formation of informed decisions about the environment and whether the project will be suitably established in a specific place. It relates to other elements such as mission, vision, goals and strategies as it forms the basis to which those other elements can be formulated

The mission refers to the projected goals of an undertaking.Ā  It enables formation of clear goals. This relates to the other elements such as vision as it draws the picture of an organization expected in future. The manager must therefore formulate a clear mission in order to ensure organizationā€™s success.

The vision of the organization refers to the picture projected of an organization in future. The goals are the achievements the organization intends to make and the strategies are the means by which the organization would achieve the goals. Planning involves systematic establishment of organizationā€™s basic mission, vision, goals and strategies (Steiner, 1979). This means these elements must work hand in hand to achieve the organizationā€™s objectives.

In view of the above statements itā€™s clear that the elements must be aligned in order to achieve clear organizations objectives. This is because strategic planning is a systematic process that involves all the above elements. The elements must also communicate in order to ensure a well-organized chain of operations and enable performance of better planning process. This is a Student SampleĀ ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


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