Strategic Management: Sheikh Khalifa Hospital

Strategic Management: Sheikh Khalifa Hospital

This assignment should be based on your current employer/business or a business with which you have had some recent exposure and with which you are familiar.Presenting your findings

Your report should be presented in a management report format which includes an:

Executive summary (make it brief), Introduction (setting out the scope of your work), Main body, Recommendation and Conclusion

The Given Slides can be Utilized for Knowing to Cover the Headings and Sub Headings

Your report should incorporate the following steps:

1. Identify the firm’s existing vision, mission, objectives, and strategies.

Sheikh Khalifa Hospital vision and mission statements are in line with SEHA, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company that is owned by the government. SKMC vision is “to transform the healthcare system and services to the highest medical quality and customer care to the international standards level.” On the other hand, SKMC mission is to lead integrated outstanding healthcare services with the highest international quality and safety standards” (Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, 2016). The hospital’s objectives are based on its values that comprise of being transparent, delivering high-quality services, innovative, culturally sensitive and sustainable. SKMC main goal is to provide high-quality medical care to the United Arab Emirates citizens as well as international clients. SKMC strategies are primarily entering into partnerships with other medical organizations to enhance the company’s provision of quality care. For example, as outlined by Thumbay Hospital (2018) the hospital has been collaborated with Gulf Medical University to boost the UAE’s capability to expand and accelerate education and research on the new diseases as well as meet the hospital’s social responsibility and community engagement goals.2. Develop vision and mission statements for the organization.

3. Identify the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses and prepare a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Matrix

4. Conduct a PESTLE Analysis and develop environmental scanning key points for your organization and the environment in which it operates.

5. Construct a Growth Share Matrix (BCG) for your considered organization. Recommend long-term objectives and specific strategies to achieve them.

6. Specify how your recommendations can be implemented and what results you can expect.

7. What Management, Marketing, Finance/Accounting, R&D and CIS issue, if any you foresee. Your recommendations to address them.

8. Recommend procedures for strategy review and evaluation.

Type of Organization

  • If your organization is part of a larger international organization, you may consider only your country’s division. Avoid considering individual departments or sections of an organization as this will constrain you to deal with functional-level strategy only.
  • If your organization is a government department, proceed with an analysis of that division, providing, it is a budgetary center. Dealing with a subdivision will constrain you to deal with functional-level strategy only.
  • If your organization is an independent, not-for-profit entity, proceed according to the advice

Make sure the conclusion is not just a summary of your recommendations. Emphasize the key recommendations in your conclusion and consider how they might be actioned.

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