Stepping Outside Your World Analysis

Stepping Outside Your World Analysis

As much as we are all destined to lead different lives in different environments, at times, we can hardly escape interacting with one another. Being involved with different people in different environments acts as an eye-opener which diversifies our scope of life. It helps us learn much outside our zones and appreciate everything that comes our way. Exploring different worlds creates the implication that we are all different and need one another to complement our lives. Being aware of these diversities is key in creating a better world that everyone can comfortably fit in.
For this assignment, I chose an incident when I visited a children’s home outside my home country. My friend who is a social worker requested me to accompany him to charity home hosting children who run from their homes especially due to violence or lack of basic needs. I chose this event because I usually feel that it opened a new chapter in life. It greatly informed me of the role and value attached to participating in social work. Although I had a little choice in turning down my friend’s request, I had always anticipated learning more about transpires within the charity homes. I had already turned down several requests to attend local children’s homes, but for this one, I could hardly escape. I like traveling; this was not only an opportunity to explore the world but also a good chance to get in touch with the souls which are deemed less fortunate. This place was also a new environment with some dignitaries in attendance and thus would be a great occasion for me to shake hands with great people.
From this event, I observed that the children living in charity homes are not any different from those living in homesteads. They are equally intelligent and smart only that they lack better opportunities to develop their skills. Given similar opportunities with the other kids, they can perform even better. The children living in these homes are highly talented. I feel that their ability can even surpass that of the other children simply because they grow up in tough environments which are likely to teach them big lessons.
What I found much surprising about the children living in the location is that they were much comfortable in the social place and most of them would never want to go back to their homes. I did not know that these children would be that comfortable in the hugely populated area. I had always presupposed that they missed their original homes. However, they disclosed to me that they really enjoyed the company of their friends. Most of them had lived in the environment for more than ten years and already considered it a better home.
I felt really comfortable in the new environment. Although the climate was not much friendly, the company with the kids was worth the sacrifice. I listened to various stories from the kids giving an account of how they escaped from their original homes and how they came to be in their current home. Some of them explained how they had once or severally run away from the charity home and how the caregivers had later discovered them.
This experience changed my overall views of the children living in social homes. I had never known that the children living in charity homes were equally potential to any other child. This assumption was borrowed from the generalized myth that these children are less privileged. In the future, I look forward to helping children from the charity homes to realize their dreams. I also purpose to campaign towards rewarding them with much support due to their resilience in all that they go through.
I learned so many lessons from my visit to the children’s home. The most relevant was the fact that no opportunity should be taken for granted as it is not always everyone who can afford it. Although there is a claim that all the human beings are predestined for a specific future, it can be altered. Putting a smile on a child’s face does not have to cost much. Donating the little, we have to cater for their lives really helps them see their dreams come true.
I believe that my workplace could benefit a lot from my experience. My experience could shed some light on how fellow staffs view the stay at the charity homes. I could make them understand just how many skills we lockout of the industry by failing to help the children realize their dreams. Regardless of the little that we may possess, it is always adequate for us and extending a hand of gratitude would hardly cause even a single harm. Ideally, we all stand to lose nothing by helping the needy.
All employers have a goal in mind that triggers them to consider employing a certain employee. In most cases, employers seek the skills of experienced employees. Such employees are much likely to push the firm towards the achievement of the set goals through increasing competitiveness.
Modern organizations mostly target individuals who are conscious of diversity and its role in firm development. Embracing a diversity-conscious culture in the workplace helps in creating varied perspectives which open up more opportunities for the firm increasing its competitive ability (Dickson, 2017). Diversity also enhances community relations. The immediate environments usually dictate whether the firm will succeed or not.
Prior to this experience, I had thought that the children living in charity homes were impolite. I had believed that the limited monitoring my parent figures would make them deviants. However, this prejudice was confirmed wrong. These kids are equally responsible to the kids brought up by their parents. Their responsibility is even boosted by the fact that they have to do most of the things by themselves. At first, the children had seemed to be a bit reluctant to sharing anything with the new faces. However, I think this is a universal trait for every young person a well as for some adults. I was much lenient with them and was comfortable even when they seemed hesitant to talking to me.


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