Sports Business Management Report

Introduction to Sports Business Management

The purpose of this assignment is to report on the challenges and opportunities for revenue support to the sport in your selected sector. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
Related learning outcomes
This assignment assesses the following unit learning outcomes:

2. Analyse evolving opportunities for sport as a business.

3. Comprehend and apply the principles of using sport for commercial and entertainment value.
Identify all the key opportunities and challenges to acquiring revenue (funding) in that sector. Explain why and how funding can be more specific to the sector, due to the nature of that sector. This will raise ideas which you can use to orientate your research for your report.

Step 3: Familiarise yourself with the requirements
Take a look at the Assignment criteria for more detail on how your report will be assessed. Keep it handy as you write your report.

Step 4: Write your draft report
In your report, you will need to:

1. Outline the key features of the sector you have chosen and the way funding is spent (investment in capital development/recurrent and operating activities).

2. Identify all key opportunities and challenges for revenue in your selected sector, referring to real examples to support your ideas.

3. Link this to the different business models/structures that may apply as a result.

4. Explain links to the particular sport sector and give real examples (e.g. professional sport clubs are more likely to get revenue from gate receipts because … )

5. Use theory, case studies and real examples to illustrate your points. If you are struggling at the first draft stage, ask yourself: Are your ideas and arguments clear? Do you have sufficient evidence? Where are the gaps?

Step 5: Finalise and submit your report
Take a break before you review your draft, use a printed copy, read out loud or get someone else to check your work. Check your grammar and spelling before you submit. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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