Spokes of Hope Worldwide-Project Management

Competencies to Master Can apply leading management theories and models

Can identify and analyze common management problems Overview

You are a senior operations manager at Spokes of Hope Worldwide, a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve access to education by providing bicycles to students who need them. This week, you are participating in the organization′s yearly staff seminar. The goal of the seminar is to allow staff members from satellite offices to discuss their unique challenges and share their expertise. You have been selected to facilitate two workshops for a group of the organization′s new and aspiring managers. First, you will prepare materials for your workshops, including handouts and a video of your presentation. Then, after you return to your office, you will address a challenge that many modern organizations face today: working remotely. Through research and the use of decision-making tools, you will devise a plan to address this difficult issue. Directions It is the second day of the seminar, and you are scheduled to facilitate a workshop about tackling tough problems in business management. Because managers face tough problems on a daily basis, it’s vital for them to have a working knowledge of the components of these problems. Management theories provide another important set of tools to help them analyze and solve these problems. To prepare for your workshop, you have created a Scenario Discussion Guide containing desсrіptions of three problems that managers are likely to face and a series of questions to help your audience address each problem. Now all you need is an answer key! ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Complete the Scenario Discussion Guide yourself to create an answer key you can use during the workshop. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the Project Resources concerning the following management problems:

•Addressing inappropriate staff behavior

•Adopting new technology

•Controlling costs

Then, explore the Project Resources concerning the following management models:

•Chaos Theory

•Attribution Theory

•Systems Theory

•Contingency Theory

•Lean Management

Finally, when you are ready, thoroughly answer each question in the Scenario Discussion Guide. Support your answers by providing relevant evidence from the Project Resources and/or your own resources.


The Rubric is used to evaluate your Project. Satisfying all of the Rubric criteria shows that you have mastered the project and the relevant competencies. Criteria Mastery? Analysis of each scenario includes an identification of its problems, their causes and contributing factors, and their possible impacts Each theory is applied to a relevant scenario and justification is provided for its applicability Responses are accurate, detailed and supported with evidence Key terms and concepts of each theory are accurately applied to describe and analyze a scenario Writing is clear, with no major errors ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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