Russell Ackoff Hierarchy of Data

Russell Ackoff Hierarchy of Data


In 1981, IS guru (vale) Russell Ackoff proposed the hierarchy of data, it shows data at the base of a pyramid, which may be considered as the sum of recorded observations. Information exists at the layer above data and can be thought of as descriptions for the data or data sorted into usable categories. The next layer, knowledge, can be thought of as know-how and is required if information is to be converted into instructions or transmitted between entities. Beyond knowledge sits understanding, which is the ability to correct errors, trace their causes and to make changes. At the top of the pyramid sits wisdom, which Ackoff (1981) defines as ‘the difference between increasing efficiency and increasing effectiveness.’ Organisations need the right information at the time they are required to make a decision and so the business need concerning data is that it is collected, managed, enriched, stored, protected and transmitted in an efficient manner. IS professionals need tools at their disposal to facilitate data management Managing data is important because, as we have seen already, there is a growing plethora of data collected by businesses, governments and individuals.

The value chain we learnt is a key model in the business world today and effective technology is needed to  support an organisations value chain. With your knowledge of the value chain and the Ackoff hierarchy of data  :

Develop  a data analytics and business intelligence systems  blue print  that will effectively support the primary , secondary sub activities of the  value chain for Wal Mart.

The value chain of Wal Mart is described in the schematic below. Your blueprint  must incorporate the various aspects of the Ackoff’s Hierarchy of data. If you should recommendations on specific systems, you should refer to external sources on how these have led other firms to significant efficiency improvements in the past. The solution plan should be appropriately justified and illustrate to the CEO and management of Walmart what the expected gains of implementing your solution would ideally be.

Submission Instructions: 

There is no required format for the assessment. Students should use initiative and be sure to conform to the APA referencing style, making use of external sources as appropriate.

Be sure to bookend your assignment with an introduction and conclusion as well as a list of references that make considerable use of the Torrens University library and databases.

Be sure to keep several drafts of your work as well as your notes and any sources you used to draw on in preparing it.   Extensions will be considered only in extenuating circumstances where the student has applied before the due date.  At that point, students are required to provide the latest draft, in case the extension is not granted.   Students are responsible for keeping appropriate back-ups and drafts of their assignments and to submit the correct version.   Torrens University Australia policies apply to the preparation and submission of this assignment.

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