Role of Social Media in Consumerism

Role of Social Media in Consumerism

“The Internet has completely altered the way many companies do business and people shop.

Mobile marketing has allowed customers to compare products and prices with the click of a button.

Customers can also use social media to read customer reviews, ask for advice and product recommendations and provide word-of-mouth evaluations.Technology continues to evolve and change the competitive marketplace. Customers can also make purchases online without having to visit a physical store.”

Task 1: Short Report (Individual assignment)

Select one of the Australian industries/organisations listed below. You will have to research the company which you have selected.

In a short report (1,000 words), You will introduce the industry/organisation you are focused on.

Briefly discuss the findings you have researched. (Its founder, what industry it focuses on).

Briefly discuss the role which Social Media plays in this company. (How does it attract and influence customers; how does it satisfy customer needs and wants; how does it maintain customer loyalty)

Your Conclusion and recommendations.


This task is worth 50%

Task 2: Power Point Presentation

The content of the group presentation (3-4 people) will be drawn from each person’s research on a specific company.

The presentation will be a combined effort from all members of the group, combining their findings and creating 3-4 PowerPoint slides each, (designed and created for use in the presentation) during tutorial time in weeks 11 and 12.

Each group should focus on how the company communicates with its customers/clients through the use of social media.

This should be highlighted in the presentation. Remember that each group will be informing class members about their chosen organisation, so a creative but informative slide show must be designed.

This task is worth 20%.


Oscar Wylee


Hello Fresh


Sneaking Ducks


Holey Moley Mini Golf

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Conscious Steps


Marley Spoon







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