Role of Commerce in Achieving Goals

Role of Commerce in Achieving Goals

Assessment 2: Case Study (2000 words) (35%)

Case studies are an important tool of assessment used to see how the complexities of real-life influence decisions from Christian and alternate school contexts. Develop an online activity that is a sequence of lessons that draws on other disciplines to understand the role of Commerce in achieving the wider goals of society while maintaining an authentic worldview. Your study should connect to your work in the classroom and must articulate the need for recent evidence-based research; to support the development/design decisions made by the teacher. As a starting point review recent Commerce assessment that model the use of case studies. In addition to the online activity you develop you are also required to write a report reflecting and analysing the effectiveness of your online activity. Stages essential for analysing and writing a case study report include:blank1.Define the task

2.Consider which theories and analysis tools may apply to the situation

3.Make recommendations

4.Form conclusions

5.Write the report

6.Prepare the reference list.

The TES may like to prepare their case study as text-based reports, online or multimedia format. Presentations should be clear, well organised and coherent touching all minute details and data presentation (Graduate Stage: 1.2.1; 1.6.1; 2.1.1; 2.2.1; 3.7.1; 7.3.1; 7.4.1).

First, get to understand what a ‘case study’ is and how they can be used as a teaching strategy. This whole assignment is focused on how you will use case studies in your teaching. They are so varied and ideal for a subject like Commerce that responds so well to real world situations that come up all the time in the news. This assignment is all about how you can apply current affairs to your teaching.

As part of your case study report, you are to develop an ‘online activity’ for your hypothetical students (grade 7-10, Subject: commerce) to work though, imagine they are on lock down and have to do all their study online. You are to devise an activity that they can do online that equates to a series of lessons, I suggest say three lessons worth. This is an opportunity for you to explore how to create lessons online for students. This activity is an illustration of how online activities can be used in case study style teaching.blankImagine you are justifying the use of ‘case studies’ to a parent group or a group of teachers. You are simply using illustrative material to make your points. In that sense it is a report on case studies with examples.

One of the fun things in this assignment is that the format can be so varied. It has to include real online material (the online activity) but it can be in the form of a written report like a normal lesson, but the whole thing could digital. All you submit is your coversheet as normal in Word, plus on page two a url to your report.

*Please refer to the Commerce syllabus on NESA’s website while choosing a topic for the case study/studies. Link to the (downloadable) syllabus provided below.


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