Risk Management and Law for Event Managers

Risk Management and Law for Event Managers

The student may choose one of the following assignments:Risk Theory essay:

“Risk management is a branch of probability and forecasting”. Discuss this statement with reference to decision making, estimation, insurance, uncertainty and the complex management environment found in the development and management of an event. Use examples from the theory and practice of event management to illustrate your discussion.


Risk Management Plan

You must choose an event – such as a public festival attracting at least 5000 people- and develop a risk management plan. Make sure you choose an event that:

1. has available information about the event
2. is large enough for you to write about.

You are welcome to use an event from your own country or city and/or an event you have worked on. Students will be required to create a Risk Management Plan to include:

 Risk Assessment including risk matrix
 Developed Risk Control Plan
 As outputs of the risk assessment, other plans that may be included are:

o Health and Medical plan
o Emergency Management Plan
o Crowd Management Plan including site map
o Security Plan
o Traffic Management Plan
o Other plans as informed by the risk assessment

Assessment instructions (clear, succinct, without repetition).• relevance of answers to questions
• evidence of reading and research
• description and understanding of the concepts used (accurate, coherent, unambiguous)
• clarity of communication
• logical and justifiable argument or position
• all references and quotations to be acknowledged as per the ICMS style guide
• correct expression (spelling, grammar)
• academic integrity
• respect of minimum and maximum word length where appropriate

Readings for the assessment (instructions where they can be found e.g. MyAthens database, Moodle etc.)

The relevant documents and readings are found as part of the resources for the course. These include:
Guidelines for concerts, events and organised gatherings, Western Australia Government 2009 publication
A guide to health, safety and welfare at music and similar events updated 2007, Event Safety UK Publication

As the course is about risk and these can change over time, the Internet can be used to source actual plans
and templates. Many of the templates and plans will be for public events. Private events will often be ‘commercial in confidence’. Hence the student will find up to date plans and templates on Local Government

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