Research Design and Methods

Research Design and Methods

Drawing on the skills you have learned in class and focusing on the two media articles given to you, you will need to conduct a manual content analysis of words and phrases used. In no more than 700 words, you will then need to discuss how the word and phrasal choices alter or represent the nature of the issue presented. Compare and contrast the styles and themes contained within the two articles and comment on uses and limitations of thematic analysis as a method. 700 wordsThe Articles

The two articles both come from the British tabloid paper The Daily Mail, and both deal with a lone actor terrorist. One is IS inspired, the other far right. Use what you know about Rhetorical Textual Analysis to conduct a small manual analysis of the words and themes used in the two articles.

Does your analysis reveal any differences in the underlying sentiment expressed in the two pieces? What does this suggest about how the authors of these papers conceptualise terrorism?

Boy who grew into evil far-right mass killer as 49 murdered at prayers

By Matthew Young, 15 MAR 2019


Orlando Pulse Club attack: 50 killed and 53 injured at gay nightclub in America’s worst EVER mass shooting

By Anthony Bond, Christopher Bucktin, Sophie Evans, 12 JUN 2016


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