Relationship between Technology and Humans

Relationship between Technology and Humans

Your first project,¬†‚ÄėPersonal Tech Philosophy‚Äô¬†requires you to write a short but powerful article on technology –¬†about the evolving relationship between technology and humans – a relationship which defines our history, our present and our future.¬†¬†You are being asked to¬†articulate and present your opinion and standpoint here – whatever that may be.¬†In doing so encouraged to¬†validate and value your own experience against the philosophy, theory, practice and applications of technology in our lives. You are being encouraged to¬†test your opinion and to make yourself heard.

Yes you are being given freedom here – to write about something that interests you – the only restriction is that it be somehow focused on technology.

  1. .. The six questions I forced you to answer in the first writing workshop (start thinking about them in earnest now)
  • What is the focus of your piece?

Technology and business
Technology and humanity
Technology, humanity, and business.

  • What ideas did you come across during the lectures that interested you – that sparked your interest in some way – that aligned well (or not) with how you see technology and its impact?
  • What will your main argument(s) be – what is your major point(s)?
  • Who could support this – who could you reference to back up your argument(s) and major points(s)?
  • What will the title of your piece be? Note: This is often highly aligned with your main argument.
  • How will you finish – what form will the last line or the last few lines of your piece take?

A strong statement implying that your argument is the only truth
A call to action
A powerful question
An inspirational statement

  • Part B
  • Project Two ‚Äď Interactive 360-Degree Tour Sketch

The¬†‚ÄėInteractive 360-Degree Tour Sketch‚Äô¬†requires you to submit a rough plan (rough but detailed and stylish) for the interactive tour you will create using Insta-360¬† Camera Vision and Google Poly¬†software. Your task is to generate an interactive, engaging, informative, thought provoking digital tour the leverages not only¬†your academic standpoints and opinions on technology but yourself and the physical environment.¬†This requires you to consider a number of content, design, aesthetic, interactivity and purpose components. You are being tasked here to pull together your ideas of what it is you plan on creating. Do this using pencils, textas, printed images and paper etc.¬†And you will submit this as an informative and digitized sketch. This is an individual project. And one where you will come together as a group to discuss your individual ideas after submission – and¬†prior to moving forward with creating your tour.¬†This is an easy and fun project. However, you need to take the time to do it well as everything you do in this course from here on out hinges on your ideas and effort here. Pay attention to detail in both the content and the finished product¬†ok.

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