Relationship between Strategic Planning Elements

Business Strategic Planning

Business being in the context of the dynamic environment, it is the fundamental duty of the management to establish robust strategic plan to position the organization for future changes (Mansor & Tayib, 2012). The achievement of strategic plan goals requires the organization to confine its strategic plans within the context of its environment and in line with the mission, vision, goals and strategies of the company. This is a Student SampleĀ ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Relationship between Strategic Planning Elements

The business environmental analysis reveals out the strengths and weaknesses of the company (Mansor & Tayib, 2012). The results of the environmental analysis help the company to review its mission statement to ascertain whether it can be achieved with the current business strengths. Alternatively, company mission success depends on the strengths. Mission statement acts as the roadmap for the company in achieving its vision. In addition organization vision, the company should ensure that the business broad goals are achieved by adopting the suitable strategies.

Importance of Aligning Strategic Planning Elements

The biggest challenge in strategic planning is not coming up with the strategy but rather implementing the strategy (Wognum, 2009). This calls upon the need for all suitable elements of the strategic planning to be aligned together to realize effective strategic goals. The aligned strategic plan enables the organization to respond to fluctuating business conditions very fast. This is a Student SampleĀ ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Importance of Strategic Planning Elements Communication

The strategic planning process will be more successful and effective if communicated from top to bottom and bottom to top (Wognum, 2009). Communication of the strategic plan elements is very critical in ensuring efficient execution and progress of the business strategic plan. This ensures that all the elements are catered for in the strategic planning process and hence facilitate achievement of the desired strategic goals.


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