Regional Anatomy and Physiology

Regional Anatomy and Physiology

QUESTIONSMegan is a 25-year-old female AFLW player. Her coach has put her on a strength and conditioning program to increase the strength and power in her legs.

1. What is peak bone density? (1 mark)

2. What is the role of peak bone density in reducing the risk of osteoporosis as Megan ages? (3 marks)

3. Megan’s coach mentions that strength training will also be beneficial for her bone health. Explain why this is true. (3 marks)

4. Describe the events that occur at the neuromuscular junction that result in a muscle contraction (3 marks)

5. The team dietitian suggests that Megan should increase the amount of calcium in her diet. How do calcium ions contribute to muscle contraction? (2 marks)6. Megan notices that when she is performing exercises where her muscles are very stretched that she cannot produce as much force or power. Explain why this is occurring. (3 marks)

The case studies are designed to help you link the concepts we are learning in lectures with a “real-life” scenario. You will need to use the lecture material as well as other resources to help you answer the questions.

You will be expected to:

  • Use lecture material and other reputable resources to answer the questions.
  • Incorporate references into your responses using the Vancouver referencing style. You need to reference lecture material
  • Proofread your writing, making sure you check for sentence structure, spelling, and grammar
  • Follow the page layout requirements.
  • Any question answered using direct quotes will be given You are required to demonstrate your understanding of the content.

Please be guided by the marks allocated on each question for the level of detail required. Each case has 15 marks allocated to questions and 5 marks for referencing, spelling and grammar (20 marks in total). Please refer to the marking rubric for the full marking criteria.Page Layout Requirements

  • Do not exceed the 1-page limit (this does NOT include your reference lists)
  • Do not include the question text in your document.
  • Margins: all 2.54cm (standard).
  • Font: Calibri (body), size 11.
  • Line spacing: 1.15 lines.


Vancouver referencing style is to be used. Guidelines for this referencing style can be found on the UC Library website 

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