Recruitment and Selection: Angelo Case Study

Recruitment and Selection: Angelo Case Study

According to (Pilbeam and Corbridge, 2006) as cited by Evans, Glover, Guerrier, & Wilson (2007) interview is a very fundamental aspect of the hiring process, and if not carefully undertaken it can result in significant implications on organizational performance as well as tarnishing the reputation of the company. Similarly, ineffective interview process has various impacts on the operations of the organization: high labor turnover, loss of business opportunities and also may influence the employee performance. Upon the evaluation of the Angelo’s Pizza Stores case study it is clearly that the company is facing problems on human resource management. This can be majorly attributed to the poor recruitment and selection screening techniques. The costs consequences of making bad hiring decision have posed the employers with the challenge on which screening criteria to use to identify the best job applicant (Stabilet, 2002). For example, in the Angelo case, the problems in human resource management have been brought by the employer being unable to differentiate between effective and ineffective candidates during the interview process. The goal of Angelo is to avoid engaging ineffective employees. Given the size and the economic potential of Angelo Pizza Stores, the appropriate method of measuring the ineffectiveness among the job applicants will be the use of personality tests. Those who have applied this technique vow that they have been able to employ high-quality employee (Stabilet, 2002). Angelo can apply this technique through open-ended questions which can be asked to the job applicants during the interview process. This will help Angelo Pizza Stores in determining the ineffectiveness of the job candidates and hence avoid the cost consequences associated with engaging ineffective employees.

Findings indicate that personality test method has been used by the significant number of employers and has proved to be effective (Stabilet, 2002). For Angelo Pizza Stores case study, the use personality test will enable the company to measure ineffective traits in job candidates’ such as ignorance, apathy, dishonesty, inconsistency, selfishness, and laziness. These undesirable traits that make the job candidate unsuitable for the job can be identified through the responses to the designed questions and also how the job candidates will behave when certain questions are asked of them. This will help the company to get rid of the ineffective job applicants. However, despite personality test being an effective tool for measuring the job applicant’s ineffectiveness, there has been concerns regarding its validity.

According to the nature of the industry where Angelo Pizza Stores business is operating in, personality tests will be very useful if used as the tool of getting eliminating ineffective employees. According to Stabilet (2002), personality test measures are valid forecasts of success in job execution for a given candidate. With personality test questions, Angelo will be able to spot the undesirable traits among the job applicants that will help to the company to avoid engaging ineffective employees. Bearing in mind that Angelo Pizza deals with service delivery, personality test questions will be suitable to help the company in making a conclusion on the ineffectiveness of the job applicants.

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