Reconstruction Amendments Effect Analysis

Reconstruction Amendments Effect Analysis

Qs.1 What are the Reconstruction amendment? What impact did it have on African Americans? How did the Reconstruction amendments effect race relations in America?

Qs.2 What is manifest destiny? Explain how this effected American-Mexican relations and the geography of America?

Qs.3 During Reconstruction, what was the “reign of terror” and how did the federal government respond?Qs.4 What was the difference between Presidential Reconstruction and Congressional Reconstruction?

Qs.5 Explain the causes of the Mexican-American war? What was the conclusion of the war?

Qs.6 During the 18th century, explain the three different slave economies in the English colonies.

Qs. 7 What happened during the Presidential race in 1876? How did the Presidential election of 1876 impact the Reconstruction Era?

Qs. 8 What was the Dred Scott Decision and how did it impact citizenship rights for African Americans?

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