Quit Social Media Analytical Essay

Quit Social Media Analytical Essay

How does Newport make an effective argument in the article “Quit Social Media: Your Career May Depend on It?”

Quit Social Media Analytical Essay Example

With the increasing use of social media, a lot of discussions have emerged on its benefits and side effects. While many people vote for social media use, the dissenters have relied on its adverse effects to argue against its excessive use. Today, social media has had many negative consequences not only to teenagers but also to adults. Teenagers have been abused and bullied through social media. Similarly, adults, and particularly job seekers, have been the victims of the social media use where some of them have been denied jobs or fired for posts or comments they made on social media platforms. Despite these adverse effects, the users of social media are ever-increasing because of the belief that it is the source of opportunities and a platform for creating networks. Newport, in the article “Quit Social Media: Your Career May Depend on It,” joins the non-social media advocators, and effectively proposes other avenues where people can seek opportunities.

The ability to present an argument that can influence the audience to buy your side depends on how effectively the message is delivered. Newport introduces his essay with the audience capturing statement. He appears as a unique person to the readers, especially when he says that he is a computer scientist, he is a blogger, but he does not have a social media account (Newport, 2016). To the audience, he is unique because many people tend to associate technology, information and computers with heavy social media consumption. He presents a perfect example of an author who can argue clearly, firmly and with the support of the debatable thesis. In the second paragraph, Newport provides an argumentative thesis that stirs the audience to start and continue with the debate about whether people should quit social media because it can have negative effects on their careers. With the presentation of the perfect thesis statement, Newport avoids confusion and helps the readers to understand the discussion.

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In cementing his argument, Newport shows the ability to utilize facts and research. The author does not want his argument to be more focused on personal experience and feelings. In addition to his experience of having more opportunities even when he does not have a social media account, Newport also refers to the research of other authors. For example, he refers to one of the New York magazine articles on how Facebook has brought pressure to the already existing internet enthusiasts (Newport, 2016). Newport also shows that he understands the background of the problem. For example, he states that the excessive current consumption of social media is due to the belief that it is the source of professional opportunities. Newport appears to suggest that people have been brainwashed, and they believe they can only get job opportunities and connections via social media.

Newport courteously objects the use of social media. He does not want to anger the social media admirers, and he does this by telling them that they have been misguided. He goes further by stating that nowadays, social media has lost value as perceived from the capitalist economy view. According to Newport, valuable and rewarding things are rare. He states that social media is not valuable since it is accessible to many people, including teenagers. Social media has also been turned to an entertainment hub. As such, its potential as the source of opportunities cannot be guaranteed. At this point, Newport seems to have a feeling that perhaps at the beginning, when social media had few users, it was a great platform for interaction and seeking opportunities. In supporting his views, Newport does not just say that he thinks social media should be avoided because it is bad. Instead, he applies academic aspects, and this case economic concept of capitalism to argue his side why social media is not valuable. He can be said to speak to professionals who have a notion that social media can enhance their success by improving opportunities. He challenges them to act smart and utilize their skills and knowledge to access opportunities in areas where there are no competitions. By using his example that he has never owned a social media account, Newport has proved that innovation and creativity are ideal sources of opportunities because he has had an excess of them.

Newport is an excellent writer who can argue logically and professionally. Despite disagreement with social media users, he does not label them as losers. Instead, he applies a persuasive and convincing tone on why it is time-wasting. He educates the audience on the importance of using their time productively, and when they do so, opportunities will increase. He is clear that opportunities cannot be acquired from social media but by working hard and proving to the world that you are the best. Newport’s article is convincing and presents valid points. Maybe it is also the right time for me to power down my smartphone, close my computer and jump from the couch to get to work.


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