Quality Nursing Care Essay

Quality Nursing Care Essay

Answer the following.
ļ‚· Some ill patients get better despite nursing care, not as a result of it. The quality of nursing affects patient outcomes tremendously. Do you believe that quality nursing care makes a difference in patientsā€™ lives? Identify five criteria you would use to define “quality nursing care.” These criteria should reflect what you believe nurses do that makes the difference in patient outcomes. Are the criteria you have selected measurable? How?

Please write a well developed response and provide evidence to support your response.

1. IntroductionĀ From the public point of view, nursing arguably serves as the most ethical and honest profession with individuals choosing to pursue nursing having a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the patients. However, among the rarely examined areas, quality of nursing case from the perspective of hospitalized patients, serves as the least examined area. Nevertheless the opportunity that nurses get to offer both emotional as well as physical support
to patients and their families serve as one of the most personal fulfilling aspect of nursing as a profession. The paper aims at analyzing the criteria which may be used as the basis of defining quality nursing care while arguing whether nursing care really makes a difference in the lives of the patients.

2. Contribution of Nurses to a Patientā€™s Well Being

Years ago, there existed a general misconception in the eyes of the public that nursing, as a career, encompassed bedpans and sponge baths. One can, however, argue that todayā€™s public has more insight on the nursesā€™ role in the medical community (Vahid et al, 2015, p. 214). Yet, one cannot fully understand the breadth and depth of the expertise that nurses bring to the table and the role quality nursing care plays in the recovery of the patient unless you have had a loved one have a date with the hospital bed. A nurse serves as a patientā€™s greatest advocate through administration and evaluation of the p3atientā€™s treatment. Given the fact that they spend most of the time with the patients, nurses can moderate the patientā€™s progress. Even more important, the emotional support that nurses offer to both the patient and their families plays a vital role in the recovery of the patient.

McEvoy & Duffy (2008, p. 413) argues that the nursesā€™ knowledge of various ailments coupled with their remarkable peopleā€™s skills provides the much needed stability and comfort for the patientā€™s recovery. Nurses, unlike other people do understand that an individual is not just a body with needs but something beyond their physicality. Nursing is arguably a true calling and one cannot dispute the fact that quality nursing care makes a difference in the patientā€™s life.ļ‚· Describe selected qualitative measures of quality used in your facility. How is the data collected, analyzed, and then used in improving patient care? Does the quality of your patient care fall within the parameters established as a result? Is your patient care always as high as you would like it to be? What factors affect this quality? Which ones can you control? In your clinical experience what are the things that have affected the quality of care provided? How?

Please write a well developed response and provide evidence to support your response.

ļ‚· The purpose of this assignment is to develop a risk management plan or program that can be utilized in any health care setting.

Identify the key elements in a risk management plan. Address elements that are crucial to the minimization of financial loss. Develop a program to reduce the incidence of preventable accidents and injuries.

Include a description of the interaction between quality and risk management. This may include, but not be limited to, a description of a process improvement goal or a quality improvement plan.

The format of this project can be in a written paper, Power Point presentation or any other creative means by which the student can disseminate information.

The project should reflect scholarly research and writing. Please write a well developed response and provide evidence to support your rationale for your plan/ program.

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