Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

ASSIGNMENT TASKSelect ONE of the two following topics:

  1. The Supply Chain Management practices of a specific organisation in any sector and in any part of the world (this must not be an organisation that you have used in a previous assignment);
  2. The Supply Chain Management practices in a specific business sector (e.g. automotive, consumer electronics, clothing, food).

Write a report that addresses and evaluates ONE of the above topics.

As part of your report, you should:

  • Introduce your selected organisation or business sector (10% weighting)
  • Produce a supply chain map/illustration for your organisation or business. This should include detail such as: the locations of suppliers; customers and facilities; the number of suppliers used (multi-source vs single-source); the logistics/mode of transportation and any other relevant information. If any information is unavailable you can make reasonable and justified assumptions. This diagram should include detail from at least first tier suppliers to the end consumer and some commentary to discuss and explain this (30% weighting)
  • Provide a discussion of current issues, trends and expected developments in Supply Chain Management – in your selected organisation or sector. This discussion should be supported with appropriate business examples and appropriate theories, models and frameworks (35% weighting)
  • Provide conclusions and recommendations (15% weighting)
  • Be appropriately structured and referenced using a variety of sources (10% weighting)

The organisation selected should meet the following criteria:

  • It should be a well-known business – you will find more data/information on large well-known businesses;
  • It must have a website that is available in English and produce annual reports in English;
  • It is recommended that your selected company be publicly listed/publicly traded on the stock market – you will find more data/information available on such organisations.

Word count: Maximum 2,000 words.ADDITIONAL NOTES & GUIDANCE

Note: The assignment is an academic assignment, designed to allow you to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your reading, and the applications of the principles learned on the course. You must, therefore, include a full reference list. You must also make reference to at least eight sources (and ideally more) other than the recommended texts shown in the Module Guide. References should be a combination of academic sources (journal articles/textbooks) and company/industry sources. You should make use of the comprehensive list of sources provided by the Module Leader, as well as your own research.

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