Public Transport Victoria Change Management

This formal, academic report must adopt an analytical and critical perspective. You need to research your  organisation thoroughly using non‐academic sources, research the literature on organisational change, use a  wide range of change theories and concepts to inform and underpin your critical analysis of the practical  information obtained about the organisation, and offer recommendations for future change improvements  which directly flow from your descriptions and critical analyses. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


1. Intervention: Select one

(1) change intervention, which has been recently  implemented by your  chosen organisation  (i.e. current state). This may or may not be the same as any intervention  included in your Progress Report. For your chosen intervention you must now:  a. Provide a clear and concise name for the intervention;  b. Describe and analyse its goal(s), components and most significant features.  c. Analyse it according to at least one change management  typology and at least one  type; and justify that analysis

2. Need/opportunity: Apply appropriate theoretical models to describe, critically analyse and evaluate  the current needs and/or opportunities for change for your chosen organization, being mindful of  relevance to the selected intervention. Include internal and external force‐field environments.

3. Diagnosis: Re‐diagnose the organisation in consideration of your selected intervention.  a. Select and identify an appropriate holistic diagnostic model of organisational behavior;  b. Outline this model and provide reasons/evidence to justify why it was selected;  c. Use this model to describe, critically analyse and evaluate the current organisational  functioning of your chosen organisation in relation to the intervention.

4. Planning & implementation: Describe, critically review and evaluate planning and implementation  of the intervention with reference to change management theory/concepts. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


5. Recommendations: (i.e. future state): Directly flowing on from your diagnosis, critical analyses and  evaluation, suggest three specific and concise recommendations for the intervention. The purpose  of these recommendations is to achieve more efficient and/or more effective ongoing change  management, and/or to suggest improvements and/or solve any problems which you have  identified.  For the intervention you need to make one (1) one recommendation in relation to each of the  following aspects of change management:

a. intervention (e.g. adjustment or subsequent or alternative); AND

b. implementation, AND

c. sustainability

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