Proposal for a New Product for SafetyCulture

Proposal for a New Product for SafetyCulture

OverviewWrite a proposal for a new product for SafetyCulture that fits with its mission and can provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

Work-based skills
1. Develop capacity for continuous innovation
2. Create an innovative culture in a collaborative/organisational setting
3. Evaluate innovation tools and techniques and their fit for the problem a business is facing
4. Utilise technology as a tool for implementing innovation solutions and creating a competitive edge

Learning objectives

LO2: Apply a strategic perspective to technology information management to establish a competitive business position

Related subject learning objectives

2.1 Assess current and emerging technology, their impact on business process, and their impact on relationships with suppliers, customers, and competitors

2.2 Explore how technology is utilised to implement innovative solutions and create a competitive advantage through case studies.

2.3 Examine the relationship between innovation, technology and competitive advantage through case studies

2.4 Develop strategies to leverage technology/techniques to foster/manage business innovation

Specific learning objectives

This assessment demonstrates your ability to:
• Analyze SafetyCulture’s mission and products
• Create a value proposition which supports the sustainable competitive advantage for a technology business,
• Create a realistic plan for developing the needed capabilities
• Use innovative thinking process
• Write persuasively.


Write a proposal of no more than 2000 words to the CEO of SafetyCulture for a new product or product extension for the firm that fits with its mission.

The new product could involve combining an existing SafetyCulture product with a new technology, partnering with another company to use their product with a SafetyCulture product, or any other solution you propose.


1. Review the SafetyCulture website and if possible, download the iAuditor and Spotlight applications to your phone. They are free to download, and a basic account is also free. If you don’t have a smart phone, refer to the iAuditor training videos. The purpose of this is understand SafetyCulture’s products and their potential use cases.

2. Use one or more of the innovative thinking approaches you’ve learned in this subject to develop a proposal for a new SafetyCulture product, product extension, or new use of an existing product. This proposal is to be presented to the CEO.

3. The proposal must contain the following:
• A description of the new product or product extension and how it fits with SafetyCulture’s mission and its existing products
• Description of your innovative thinking process that led to the proposal
• A supportable hypothesis about who the customers will be
• The value proposition to the customer group
• How SafetyCulture can establish a sustainable competitive advantage with the product
• Detail the internal capabilities SafetyCulture need to have to deliver this product
• You do NOT need to provide detailed financial analysis
There is no minimum word count for your proposal, just a maximum. Your proposal is meant toconvince the CEO and board of SafetyCulture to back your idea, so be as creative with the format as you believe appropriate.

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