Project-Queenan Health System Case Study

HSC698 Capstone Project at a Glance

HSC698 Capstone Project at a Glance The Capstone Project involves analyzing a complex case study on the Queenan Health System (QHS). In this project, you will apply the American College of Healthcare Executives Leadership Domains from the seminal document, Leading a culture of safety: A blueprint for success, to evolve the organization into an HRO, or High Reliability Organization. HROs seek to maximize the reliability of organizational operations and services when the consequences of error can be disastrous. Establishing and maintaining an underlying HRO structure constitutes an organizational commitment to values and behaviors that increase reliability, improve responses to surprises, and reduce the probability of errors. By the end of the term, you will develop and present an operational plan. Throughout this term, you will focus on only the foundational areas of each leadership domain. Do not attempt to address both the foundational and sustaining areas, as it is too ambitious for this project. Note: If you wish to apply the Leadership Domains to an issue in your own workplace, you may do so. You will need to: 1) submit a formal request with the issue laid out fully and clearly to the instructor during Module 1, and 2) demonstrate in your request how you will fully address the assignment expectations directly with your chosen organization.

The program outcomes that will be met by completing the capstone project are:

1. Execute effective communication strategies within the healthcare environment and with external stakeholders. (assessed in M2A1, M3A1, M7A1)

2. Apply leadership techniques in various healthcare contexts to influence others and impact organizational challenges. (M3A1)

3. Integrate principles of risk management and quality improvement to optimize desired outcomes. (M2A1, M3A1, M5A1)

4. Implement financial management and human resource practices commonly used by administrators. (M3A1, M5A1) 5. Apply ethical standards to resolve policy and legal issues in health care. (M2A1, M5A1)

6. Analyze contemporary issues impacting the health care environment. (M7A1)

M1A1: Submit Capstone Project Topic This week, you will open a term-long dialogue with me as your instructor and mentor for this project. You will share your career interest and culture of safety foci that you will focus on for the term. Here is what you need to submit:

1. Choose your organization of focus. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

• Option A: Use the provided Queenan Health System (QHS) case study, OR

• Option B: Choose your own healthcare organization. This can be where you work or have previously worked, or it can be an organization with which you are very familiar. If you choose your own organization, you must be able to fully apply the HRO paradigm and the six Leadership Domains as laid out in the project assignments. I can help you with this, but be sure to talk with me. Submitting work that does not meet assignment criteria will result in a lower grade.
2. Briefly state the culture of safety issue to be addressed.

3. State the health administrator career area or role of interest* you will use throughout your project.

*Healthcare administrator careers roles to select from include Director or Associate Director of one of the following: human resources, finance, quality assurance, clinic/department/unit, communications, marketing, policy, or special projects. If you wish to do this project from the perspective of another administrative role, let me know.

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