Project Management Concepts PPMP20007

Project Management Concepts PPMP20007

Topic for presentation:Your presentation can be about:

1. Human resource management: Motivation Theories (e. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory, McClelland’s Acquire-Needs Theory, McGregor Theory X and Y, Ouchi’s theory z etc.)


1. You are expected to find appropriate reference material (at least 6-7, good, recent, relevant References).APA Style referencing.

2. You are to relate your presentation to managing a project and explain the significance of your content to project management. Often this is best illustrated with examples from your experience or actual project management scenarios.

3. In this assignment, you can also draw from your experiences and incorporate them into the assignment. If you don’t have any work/project experience, that’s fine too. You can also take the opportunity to be controversial and find academic and trade literature that challenges an aspect of the material you are presenting.Presentation Structure

The slides and script must include the following:

  • A title slide/page with the title of the presentation and the names and student ids of the presenters.
  • Appropriate referencing (APA style) showing the source of the content for each slide/topic on the script.
  • An outline/table of contents slide/page
  • Introduction slide/page
  • Body of the presentation
  • Conclusion slide/page
  • An “Any Questions?” slide/page. This is when you will ask the audience if they have any questions. You must be prepared to answer questions about your presentation. The questions posed may ask you to elaborate further on some aspect of the presentation. To demonstrate that you have prepared for this you are required to anticipate potential questions from the audience that would require further elaboration/discussion.

Each member of the group is responsible for at least one potential question and answer that could be posed by the audience. The questions and answers must be included in the script/notes section associated with this slide. You must show clearly which group member responsible for each question as marks are awarded individually based on the quality of the question and answer provided.

  • The references slide(s)/page(s).
  • Script: Both on-campus and off-campus students are required to produce the detailed script for the presentation. The script should include some questions (and responses) indicating where you would pose questions to the audience aimed at engaging your audience and encouraging them to think more deeply about the topic. These should occur where appropriate during the presentation. (Note that these questions are in addition to the potential questions/answers that might be asked from the audience and are associated with the “any questions” slide discussed earlier.)

Follow the below guideline:-

  1. Introduction:
  • Greet the audience courteously
  • Title/topic made clear
  • Purpose of the presentation is clear
  • Issues to be discussed are outlined
  • Unusual terms defined adequately.
  1. Body of presentation:
  • Each issue from the Intro is discussed simply and clearly, and conclusions/ recommendations made if relevant
  • Sufficient information and detail are provided
  • Sufficient periodic recapitulation
  • Appropriate and adequate use of examples/anecdotes
  • Discussion flowed logically.
  • The material is relevant and new
  • Good sources of reference material were used to prepare the presentation
  • In-text citation included (and reference slide at the end)
  1. Conclusion:
  • Ending of presentation signalled adequately
  • Main points summarised adequately – ideas brought to fruition
  • Conclusion linked to Introduction and follow from discussion in the Body
  • Final message is clear and easy to remember
  • Opportunity for questions from the audience
  1. Visual aids (slides) and script
  • Visual aids clearly visible to entire audience
  • Speaker familiar with own visual aids
  • Visual aids well–prepared (content well-presented on the slides, not too cluttered, slides consistent, easy to read, good use of diagrams and images, bullet points to show key points etc.)
  • Script is clear and well written.
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