Progression of Global Aging Initiatives

Progression of Global Aging Initiatives

Evolution and Progression of Global Aging Initiatives [WLOs: 1, 2] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]

Based on your assigned readings and additional scholarly sources, predict the evolution and progression of at least two global aging initiatives over the next decade. Include in your discussion a critical evaluation of how emerging research in a variety of disciplines and domains influences the current life course theory related to each of the two initiatives you selected.Required Resources


Bengtson, V. L., Gans, D., Putney, N. M., & Silverstein, M. (Eds.). (2016). Handbook of theories of aging (3rd ed.). Springer.

  • Chapter 34: The Past as Prognosis: A Prismatic History of Theories of Aging
  • Chapter 35: Prospects for Future Theory Development in Aging

Week 6 – Final Presentation

Presentation: Blueprint For Healthy Aging In The Future Powerpoint Or Prezi

[WLO: 3] [CLOs: 6, 7, 8]

Your final summative assignment is to develop PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to be shared with the class on your finalized Blueprint for Healthy Aging. The PowerPoint should outline and highlight major points from each section of your blueprint based on your weekly written drafts of each section and feedback provided by your instructor. You should provide three to four slides for each of the six sections of the blueprint, for a total of 18 to 24 slides plus final reference slide/s.

By Day 5, post your presentation to the Week 6 Presentation Discussion your peers to review. Provide feedback and comments to at least two peers’ blueprint presentations.

1. A Statement of the Problem/Challenge: This section includes a concise statement of the specific problem you will address in your blueprint including a brief review of historical, current and future trends and context of the problem  (e.g., specific population affected, geographic location/s, prevalence, personal and societal impacts and costs.) relating to the issue. You should also discuss why it is important to address the problem to facilitate healthy aging.

2. Theoretical Models and Concepts: In this section, you will analyze and apply relevant theoretical models and concepts covered in this course to help provide context and understanding regarding the cause of,  the nature of and the potential solutions to the problem.

3. Social Policy, Legal and Regulatory issues: In this section, you will identify, summarize, and critically evaluate any relevant existing social policies, laws, or regulations (or lack thereof) aimed at addressing the problem.

4. Plan to Address the Problem and Facilitate Healthy Aging: In this section, you will identify a plan/strategy to address the specific problem/challenge. You should identify a specific goal or outcome (or set of goals and outcomes) reflecting a change or solution to the problem which will reflect a model of “healthy aging.” Next, outline your plan, as concretely as possible, to address the problem. Your plan should be informed and supported by and include application of relevant theories and concepts covered in the course as well as existing research. If policy, legal or regulatory changes or proposals are deemed necessary, you should discuss the specific changes/proposals and include justification for each recommendation. This section should also include analysis and discussion of potential challenges or barriers to implementation of the proposal as well as recommendations regarding solutions to overcome or address each barrier or challenge identified.

5. Plan to Measure Progress/Effectiveness: In this section, you will identify strategies to measure outcomes, progress and effectiveness of the proposed plan to facilitate healthy aging. Specifically, how will the implemented changes be measured? How will you determine if the proposed plan is effective in addressing the problem/challenge and promoting healthy aging?

6. Summary and Conclusions: In this section, you should provide a succinct summary of the problem, background, proposed plan, outcome measures. You should also include discussion of “next steps” toward implementing your Blueprint for Healthy Aging.Week 6 – Assignment

Blueprint for Healthy Aging, Summary and Conclusions Draft

[WLO: 3] [CLOs: 6, 7, 8]

Your written assignment this week is to develop a two to three page draft of the sixth final section of your Blueprint for Healthy Aging: Summary and Conclusions.

In this section, you should provide a succinct summary of the problem, background, proposed plan, and outcome measures. You should include discussion of “next steps” toward implementing your Blueprint for Healthy Aging. Also, based on your analysis of the assigned readings for this week, identify and discuss at least two areas in which future research, theory, and practice initiatives are needed to supplement and/or enhance your Blueprint for Healthy Aging.

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