Professional Transitions in Nursing

Professional Transitions in Nursing

Brief task description: RN have always used tools, chemicals, potions, equipment and machines to provide care for people. Nursing technology includes any technology that we use and/or claim to be fundamental to our daily practice. Depending on context, there are different types of nursing technologies, even though a lot of nursing technology is not immediately evident to us. Interestingly, a lot of nursing technology is not recognised as such by nurses both in clinical practice and in nursing literature. For example, there is sometimes in the literature an overemphasis on sophisticated computer technology and an uncritical lack of emphasis on technology associated with the ‘dirty work’ of nurses (e.g., bedpans). The reasons for this lack of recognition are numerous but include:

1. an overemphasis on, and excitement about, new and sophisticated machinery and equipment;

2. our inclination to focus on new technology and to take for granted older and simpler technologies;

3. the lack of research and scholarship examining technology within nursing.

Task detail:

In this assignment, you will investigate and collate information to present in the form of a presentation and essay relating to a contemporary professional practice issue that has the potential to impact on the transition process into the role of a registered nurse in clinical practice. You will draw on relevant, credible literature to support your strategies in the format of a presentation and associated essay.
For this assignment, you will apply and contextualise knowledge and understanding of professional nursing issues in clinical practice.
You must choose one question relating to professional nursing issues from the following list:
As a graduate RN:

1. An RN you work with shares with you that a peer graduate RN has posted on Instagram comments relating to a difficult patient being cared for on the unit you both work. She knows you are friends with this person and asks you to discuss their professional responsibility with them. Share the ethical principles that are present in this situation and how you would professionally address these with your peer graduate RN?

2. As a graduate registered nurse, a patient asks you to recommend an ‘App’ for them to learn more about their medical condition. How do you utilise best practice evidence through technology to better inform patients about appropriate education materials?
Your assignment is required to be developed in the style of a presentation with audio and an associated essay for submission. Review the literature on the topic of your chosen question by conducting a search of the library databases or other credible sources for relevant, contemporary information and evidence to help answer your chosen question

Critically evaluate the literature by providing a synthesis of the key evidence in your essay and in summary as part of your presentation. Remember a critical evaluation is more than merely describing the literature. This requires you to evaluate what is good and bad about the body of literature you found relating to your chosen question.

From the critical evaluation identify at least three potential strategies to present in your essay and presentation

Summarise the significance of the strategies and the rationale and implications for you as a graduate in clinical practice

Present your findings and the implications to your practice in the presentation and supporting essay

Format and record a presentation containing the information you have collated in the assignment.

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